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Things To Do As An Expat In London This Summer

London is an appealing destination for many reasons. It has an iconic skyline, as well as a view that never fails to disappoint with the Houses of Parliament, the London Eye, the Shard and other famous buildings. It is a multicultural hub in which more than 300 different lan   more ...

A Guide To Income Tax For Expats Moving To The UK

While the UK is among the world's most popular destinations for expat talent to develop their careers, the income tax situation is complicated.

Th   more ...

What Do Expats In The UK Think About Brexit?

Since the Brexit vote in 2016, there has been much concern and discussion around what will happen to expats when the UK leaves the EU.

A main are   more ...

Five London Expat Meetup Groups To Attend

Moving to London as an expat is an exciting decision. The big smoke is where many new experiences are to be had and lots of new culture is yet to be d   more ...

Ten Signs You're Becoming A Londoner

It’s been a busy few weeks for London. The Big Smoke has been hit by a terrorist attack and suffered a devastating fire, yet still it has dusted it   more ...

UK - A diverse land, the United Kingdom combines the cultural treasures of Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales with England's charm. Experience London, enjoy thatched cottages and village pubs, or explore wild Celtic landscapes.


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Ashley Finlay, Edinburgh

Who are you?

My name is Ashley and I am originally a Florida girl, but made Washington, DC my home.

Sonja Thomson, Edinburgh

Who are you?

I’m Sonja, originally from New Zealand but now based in Scotland, and I write about travel and expat life on my blog, Migrati   more ...

Emma Creese, London

Who are you?

As a travel-addicted dreamer - although it’s hard to tell from my developing English accent - I originate from New Zealand, a   more ...

Alessandra, London

Who are you?

My name is Alessandra and I am a positive and fun loving person who loves writing, photography and travel.

[b]Where, when a   more ...