Annamarie Gaglione, Santo Domingo

Who are you? Im Annamarie Gaglione, a 20 something year old originally from New Jersey, United States.Author of Jersey Girl Gone Caribbean blog and a full time student studying political science. Where, when and why did you move abroad? I moved to Dominican Republic in June of 2017 because my fiancé was offered a job … Read more

Jen, Santo Domingo

Who are you? I’m Jen, a storytelling island mom-wife who writes for Drinking the Whole Bottle. I’ve been published on the Huffington Post, Matador Network, and Elephant Journal and am also a contributor for Wanderlust and Lipstick and Women Who Live on Rocks. I also have a habit of rescuing street animals. Where, when and … Read more

Ilana Benady, Punta Cana

Who are you? I’m the co-author of Expat FAQs, Moving to and Living in the Dominican Republic, Culture Smart: Dominican Republic, and Aunt Clara’s Dominican Cookbook. I work as a freelance writer, translator and editor. I’m married to a Dominican photojournalist and we have a rapidly growing teenage son called Lucas. We live in Punta … Read more

Pauline Wren, Dominican Republic

Who are you? Pauline Wren, a retired teacher and psychotherapist. For the last nine years I have been running a project to bring together poor and deprived children and abandoned, neglected and abused horses and other animals. Project Isobel is having to close in its present form due to lack of financial support. Over the … Read more

Eliza Alys Young, Gazcue (Santo Domingo)

My name is Eliza Alys Young, an American originally from NYC. I have my own graphic design business and write regularly for my blog. On Feb. 22, 2003 I moved to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic where I lived for 8 years. I moved there after teaching summer courses in web design at Altos de Chavon … Read more

Melanie Fitzsimmons de Alcequiez, Santiago

I’m Melanie, an American living in Santiago, the second largest city in the DR. It’s been a journey, but I’m still alive. I was young when I moved, I didn’t really speak Spanish and I had had absolutely no idea what the Dominican Republic was until about six months before I moved. I know, I … Read more

Lindsay de Feliz, Barrio Living In The Middle Of Nowhere

I am Lindsay. English, mid 50s. Started out life as a linguist (French and German), ended up as Marketing lecturer at Kingston University, then Marketing Director of various Financial Institutions in the City.I have been married to a very hunky Dominican for 7 years, and he has 3 boys who have all lived with us … Read more