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Gibraltar - Visas

As Gibraltar is a European Union state, all citizens of other EU countries are allowed to live and work there, so the necessary permits can be easily obtained. At the very beginning they generally receive a 6 month period visa that later becomes a 5 year work permit which can be easily renewed. This permit covers them if they are either employed or self employed. EU nationals need only a passport or a valid identity card in order to enter Gibraltar.

For expats who come from outside EU / EEA countries there is a certain number of documents required. The most painless way for non-EU residents to obtain a permit is to find a job before they arrive. Because of the proximity of Spain and a regular influx of workers from Europe, it is quite rare to find jobs like this. However, those who succeed in finding a job can expect both residency and work permits to be issued. Expats coming from outside EU / EEA countries who wish to purchase property in Gibraltar may be able to obtain a residence permit, especially if they are interested in luxury home market.

When it comes to tax concessions, Gibraltar offers a number of these to wealthier expats, but they must have proof of income and wealth before these will be granted. The other possibility is if the person works for a company that has some form of exemption. The best place to get the precise information on tax concessions is Gibraltar's government website.

Those who do not plan to work in Gibraltar cannot be covered even by an EU passport for a 6 month stay. Residents of Canada, Australia and the USA can stay up to 3 months without requiring further documentation. The proof of income for short stays in not needed. Citizens of Gibraltar are in effect UK citizens, so applying for citizenship in this country is the same as applying for UK citizenship.

Important tips

Checking the current validity of the passport

All travelers need a passport that is valid for at least 90 days following the departure date from Gibraltar. However, it is strongly recommended to travel with a passport that is valid for 6 months. VisaHQ can assist U.S. citizens with a full range of expedited passport services, including new passport applications and passport renewals.

Most destinations, including Gibraltar, require that visitors have adequate unused pages in the passport for any necessary stamps upon arrival and departure. It is also recommended that visitors have at least two free pages in the Visas section of the passport before any international travel.

It is wise to check with the airline company if there are some connecting flights overseas as part of the journey to Gibraltar. It is possible that some countries that travelers pass through en route to Gibraltar require a separate transit visa.

Those who do not need a visa

The following persons do not need a visa for Gibraltar:
- those nationals or citizens of the People's Republic of China holding Service and Public Affairs passports if travelling with a serving Chinese government minister on an official visit;
- those nationals or citizens of Taiwan who hold a passport issued by Taiwan that includes a Personal ID Number on the bio data page;
- those nationals or citizens of Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, or Kuwait who hold diplomatic and special passports issued by their respective states when travelling to Gibraltar for the purpose of an official or tourist visit;
- those nationals or citizens of the People’s Republic of China, Indonesia or Turkey who hold diplomatic passports issued by their respective states when travelling to Gibraltar for the purpose of an official or tourist visit
- those nationals or citizens of Morocco, the People's Republic of China, Mongolia, India or Russia who are holders of multiple entry Schengen visas with a minimum remaining validity of 7 days on the date of departure. Such persons are only allowed to enter Gibraltar for a maximum period of 21 days.
- those nationals or citizens of the People's Republic of China, Russia or Ukraine who travel on day-trip excursions to Gibraltar as part of an organised tour arranged through a Gibraltar based tour operator
- persons holding EU issued family permits, UK Residence Permits valid for a period of 12 months or more, UK Biometric Residence permits or a UK multiple entry visa issued for 6 months or more.
- passports not recognised by Her Majesty’s Government of Gibraltar – visa issued on a uniform format form (UFF)
- visa nationals who are permanently resident in the UK as long as they return to the UK within 2 years of their last departure;
- visa nationals who have a “certificate of entitlement to the right of abode in the UK” label in their valid passport;
- persons who hold leave to remain in any member state of the EU, which is part of the Schengen acquis, with a minimum of 3 years’ duration and have been cleared by the Borders and Coastguard Agency’s Sponsor-Led EEA Resident Visitor Waiver Scheme. For further information email

Visa requiring nationals visiting Gibraltar on board a Cruise Liner wjp continue their voyage on the same Cruise Liner do not require a visa to visit Gibraltar. Passengers who are visa requiring nationals who wish to disembark at Gibraltar would require a visa, and must have correct documentation for their onward travel.

As a general rule those who require a visa for entry to the UK also require a separate visa for entry to Gibraltar.

Applications should be made to any British Diplomatic Visa issuing post in the applicant’s normal country of residence (British Embassy). If applying online go to and choose the following options:
Type of visa: OTHER
Choosing these options will lead you to the correct application form for Gibraltar.

If you are going to visit other countries during your stay in Gibraltar, please contact the relevant Embassies for further information regarding immigration to ensure that you also comply with their visa requirements.

Her Majesty’s Government of Gibraltar reserves the right to alter visa requirements for other nationals wishing to visit Gibraltar frequently and at short notice. Therefore, travellers should contact the Immigration and Visa Office in Gibraltar on for up to date information before booking travel.

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