A Cross-Cultural Kid, Budapest

Who are you? I’m what is known as a Cross-Cultural Kid who – at present – identifies as French-Hungarian-American, which as I keep saying, is just the tip of the iceberg. I’ve lived in too many places to list here. At present I’m back in Budapest but also spend time in Helsinki where I lived … Read more

Carse Ramos, Budapest

Who are you? My name is Carse Ramos, and Iā€™m a PhD student in Anthropology and Sociology of Development, focusing on transitional justice and genocide prevention initiatives in the African Great Lakes region. Originally from the United States, I now split my time between Budapest and Geneva. I study in Switzerland, and work in Hungary … Read more

Lee Samaha, Budapest

Who are you? I’m Lee Samaha, a retired investment manager who now runs his own business. I also write investment articles and am working on a book. I’ve lived in various countries around the world and always enjoyed it, so moving abroad was natural for me. I enjoy travelling a lot and have always found … Read more

Steve Welsh, Western Hungary

Planning and Moving My name is Steve Welsh. I am English, 64 years old and I am living ā€“ permanently I hope ā€“ in a small village in a rural area in Western Hungary. Before moving here I worked in in academia in the UK. A number of factors influenced my decision to move here. … Read more

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