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Indonesia - Visas

Applying for and acquiring a visa to Indonesia is a simple process, except for work visas, which are quite difficult to obtain. Expats can obtain several types of visas that dictate how long they can stay in the country and how much they pay for them.

Expats from certain countries do not require a visa to enter Indonesia. These countries include Chile, Macao, Singapore, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Brunei Darussalam, Vietnam, Malaysia, Peru, and Morocco. If you are not from any of these countries, you can still legally enter Indonesia by applying for a visa through designated entry points.

Types of visa

How long you intend to stay in Indonesia determines the type of visa you can apply for. Whether you are in the country for a day, a month, a year or just passing through, there is a valid Indonesian visa for each of these occasions. In addition, Indonesian visas can be used for single or multiple entries into the country.

Visa on arrival or VOA

The VOA is issued to foreigners upon their arrival in the main Indonesian seaports or airports. This visa is ideal if you are not a citizen of any of the aforementioned countries that do not require a visa to Indonesia. The VOA can also grant you temporary access in case you did not apply for visa before traveling to Indonesia.

Visa on arrival grants you a 30-day temporary stay in Indonesia and will cost $25 to apply for. Alternatively, if you are not going to be in Indonesia for more than a week, you can apply for the 7 day VOA permit. This will cost about $10 and should be easier to acquire.

By the end of the 30 days, the VOA becomes invalid unless you want to extend your stay in Indonesia. Extension of your VOA is only possible if you get injured or are receiving treatment during your stay in Indonesia, in the case of natural disasters like typhoons hitting the country, or if the Director of Immigration for Indonesia approves your extension request.

If your reason for extension is valid, then your VOA earns you an additional 30-days’ stay at an extra charge of $25. Thereafter, no further extension can be made to your VOA. Failure to leave the country when the 60 days are over may result in a penalty of $20 per day or, in the worst cases, a 5-year jail term worth $1877 in release fines.

To apply for the VOA permit, you should have a passport valid for 6 months prior to entry in Indonesia. You also need a return ticket, which should be presented while filling in the visa application documents. You are not mandated to take any vaccinations while applying for the VOA. Lastly, the VOA permit must be applied for in any of the official seaports or airports in Indonesia.

The Transit Visa

This is a single entry visa for foreign travelers passing through Indonesia en route to another country. The transit visa is valid for 14 days and can be applied for in your country of residence or on arriving to Indonesia.

You will be required to present certain documents to obtain a transit visa. You are required to have a copy of your travel itinerary stating clearly where you come from and your final destination. Secondly, make sure your passport is valid for more than 6 months prior to entering Indonesia. The passport should also contain one blank visa page.

The transit visa application documents must be presented together with a duly filled application form, and its duplicate, signed by the applicants. Ensure that you have two recent passport photos printed on quality paper during your application. A transit visa application can be completed and processed by the Indonesian embassy in your country of residence.

Visit visa

Any foreigner with a valid passport is eligible for a visit visa. This type of visa grants one single or multiple entry to Indonesia depending on your travel schedule. A visit visa is recommended for tourists, business people, journalists, researchers, or those on social visits.

A single entry visit visa is valid for 60 days and costs around $45 to apply for. The multiple-entry visa, on the other hand, is also valid for 60 days but will cost $100 to apply for. The application papers and process for both visas is similar to the transit visa.

Work visa

A valid work permit to Indonesia is not only hard to get, but it can also be expensive. This type of visa is recommended if you are going to work in Indonesia for more than a year or as a permanent resident.

The work visa is officially handed to you once you fully move to Indonesia. Every Indonesian embassy has a different set of rules that governs the issuance of work visas. Therefore, be sure to research the required documents and application procedures for work visa in the Indonesian embassy in your home country.

Generally, you will be required to obtain another visa called the KITAS before acquiring the work visa. In addition, your employer should provide a legal document stating that you will be joining their Indonesian company as a salaried worker. This document is known at the ‘Ijin Mempekerjakan Tenaga Kerja Asing’, or IMTA, and is submitted to the Ministry of Manpower. Thereafter, the hiring company will be required to pay a monthly fee of $100.

Residency Visas

If you are going to stay in Indonesia for more than 60 days, then you should get a residency visa. Just like the work visa, the procedures for securing a residency visa will vary with embassies. Remember, extra charges may accrue besides the normal application fees.

Izin Kunjungan Sosial Budaya (VKSB)

The VKSB is a visa valid for a period of 6 months. This visa is ideal if you are visiting family or attending an exchange program in Indonesia. The official expiry date of a VKSB is 60 days after which the applicant must renew it for an additional four months or 120 days. The presence of an Indonesian sponsor is required as well to stand as your guarantor.

A VKSB is a single entry visa that will expire immediately you leave Indonesia. If you are going to re-enter Indonesia several times, then the multi-entry version of the VKSB, known as the Sosial Budaya, is applicable. It is valid for a period of 12 months and is only issued for those in Indonesia for social-cultural purposes.

Visa Izin Tinggal Terbatas (VITAS)

The VITAS is a semi-permanent visa issued to an expat who is gaining employment from an Indonesian-based company. The VITAS is issued by the Indonesian Embassy in your residence country. A VITAS grants you access to Indonesia together with your spouse or children. You can only get a VITAS if you have an approved work permit.

Kartu Izin Tinggal Terbatas (KITAS)

The KITAS replaces the VITAS once you arrive in Indonesia. The KITAS is valid for 12 months, which can be extended to 5 years. You will need a sponsor to apply for a KITAS for you.

Kartu Izin Tinggal Tetatp (KITAP)

The KITAP is the official permanent residence visa. It is valid for the first 5 years, after which it can be renewed up to 25 years. Just like the KITAS, an Indonesian sponsor is required to assist in the application. Expats with Indonesian spouses are eligible for the KITAP if they intend to live permanently in Indonesia.

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