How Much Do Health Procedures Cost In Slovakia?

The cost of your healthcare in Slovak will depend on a number of factors, namely whether you as an expat: • are signed up with the national insurance scheme and one of the country’s state-approved providers • have private health insurance • have a combination of national and top-up private insurance to cover procedures (such […]

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How To Keep Fit And Healthy In Slovakia

If you are moving to Slovakia, you will find plenty of opportunities in this beautiful country for keeping fit and healthy. It is advisable to take out private health insurance cover for any healthcare needs rather than relying on the national system, which ranks comparatively low among European healthcare systems, but there are a good […]

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How To Keep Your Health Insurance Costs Low In Slovakia

If you are an expat who is residing and working in Slovakia, you will be registered with one of the three main state-approved health insurance schemes: this is compulsory and both you and your employer must make contributions into the system. Basic healthcare is thus mainly free at the point of delivery.However, public healthcare in […]

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How To Look After Your Mental Health In Slovakia

Slovakia is said to have one of the highest levels of mental illness in Europe. As an expat who is resident in the country, what are your options with regard to safeguarding your own mental health? To some extent this will depend on whether you are relying on the public system or on a private […]

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What Quality Of Healthcare Can You Expect In Slovakia?

The quality of healthcare that you can expect as an expat in Slovakia will depend on whether you access the public system or take out private health insurance. Slovakia is a destination for healthcare tourism, including dental and cosmetic care, and the private sector is of a high standard.However, Slovakia’s public sector system is undergoing […]

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