How To Move Back To The UK

Becoming an expat is a brave choice. It takes courage to move to a country that isn’t your own and make a life there – but it also takes courage to move back home again. This isn’t an admission of defeat. It may simply be that circumstances have moved beyond your control. As an expat, … Read more

How To Apply For A Visa In The United Kingdom

It’s worth mentioning at the beginning of this article that, as you are most likely aware, the UK is in the throes of leaving the European Union (EU). This means that the reciprocal agreements with the EU and European Economic Area (EEA) are subject to change. Whilst the UK have left without a deal as … Read more

How Do The UK’s New Immigration Rules Affect Expats?

With the uncertainty and upheaval that Brexit continues to bring, it is unsurprising that expats in the UK are concerned about their status and any new rules being implemented to immigration. What changes are occurring to the current visa system in the UK, and how will this effect expats already residing there, or those looking … Read more

Moving To The UK? Which Areas Will Be Best (And Worst) Off After Brexit?

Another year has slipped by and many of us are taking on new year’s resolutions with determination and zeal. Smokers are quitting, the gyms are filled with newly energised fitness first-timers, and millions of Brits are shaking off their bad habits in a brighter, more optimistic 2019. Unfortunately, Westminster can’t quit its old habit of … Read more

How To Pass The UK Citizenship Test

The UK Citizenship Test is a challenging hurdle to overcome at the best of times, and uncertainty over Brexit adds a further layer of anxiety to the process – especially when native Brits cheerfully report that they have tried the test and failed.What exactly does the process involve, and how can you maximise your chances … Read more

What Does The EU27 Settlement Scheme Mean For You?

Brexit is currently creating a great many questions in the minds of EU nationals as well as the British themselves, and a new settlement scheme such as the EU27 may well be top of the list of queries. What is it? And what is it likely to entail?What Is The EU27 Settlement Scheme? The settlement … Read more

How To Bring Your Pets Into The UK

Moving from one country to another can be stressful. Therefore, having everything neatly ordered is a must. Between finding a place to call your own in an exciting new country, to getting your belongings packed and ready to be sent to your new home, there are so many steps you must take to make your … Read more

Moving To The UK? Get The Paperwork Right!

If you are planning to move to the UK, you may find yourself preoccupied making arrangements for your new job or education course whilst also trying to figure out what to wear in a country where the weather seems to change almost hourly! However, you will need to get your paperwork right as well, otherwise … Read more

What Do Expats In The UK Think About Brexit?

Since the Brexit vote in 2016, there has been much concern and discussion around what will happen to expats when the UK leaves the EU. A main area of concern at the moment is around expats who are worried about the effect Brexit will have on them. How is the United Kingdom’s decision to leave … Read more

How To Move Your Pet To The UK

Pets have been part of many families for decades now. Many have grown up with pets since their childhood; others have been treated to a pet after wishing for one. Often they are ‘babies’ to people who do not wish to have children. They are dependent on their owners to look out for their well-being … Read more

Visa Diaries: The Final Word

by Genevieve Rogis Over the next few months, I will be applying for an unmarried partner visa in the UK. You can start from part one of my Visa Diaries series here.My visa arrived yesterday! I’m now in the throes of packing and sorting, arranging farewell catch ups, and consoling my mother. She’s pleased for … Read more

How To Apply For A National Insurance Number In The UK

The United Kingdom is a popular expat destination for many reasons, including its culture, lifestyle, benefits, healthcare, diversity, education, infrastructure, and career opportunities. Outsiders considering a move to this place should not be deterred by its high living costs, unpredictable weather, grey skies and unimaginative cuisine. It is absolutely essential that you get all your … Read more

Visa Diaries: Waiting

by Genevieve Rogis Over the next few months, I will be applying for an unmarried partner visa in the UK. You can start from part one of my Visa Diaries series here. You get a lot of sympathy when you’re separated from your partner, and your home, for any length of time. People ask how … Read more

Visa Diaries: The Joy Of Forms

This is part three of Genevieve Rogis’ Visa Diaries series. You can also read part one and part two. The past two weeks have been filled with all kinds of surprises and anxieties. All the evidence has been gathered together. Letters have been signed and dated, text messages received, phone logs and photos compiled and … Read more

Visa Diaries: On Teamwork

by Genevieve Rogis Over the next few months, I will be applying for an unmarried partner visa in the UK. You can find part one of my Visa Diaries series here. I am now well into month two of my exile abroad. I’ve been keeping busy, catching up with friends, bonding with my niece over … Read more

Visa Diaries: Packed for Exile

by Genevieve Rogis Over the next few months, I will be applying for an unmarried partner visa in the UK. I am an Australian citizen, and I have lived in the UK for six years, and lived with my partner, Andy, for nearly three. I started on a Tier 5 working holiday visa, before moving … Read more

Finding Your First Expat Home In London: A Brief Guide

Househunting is a challenging task wherever you are. From the first time you fly the nest, to the first time you buy a house, and all the renting and flatsharing in between, finding a place to live is rarely straightforward. For many expats, England’s capital city is a dream destination. A multicultural city filled with … Read more

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