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United Kingdom > Property

United Kingdom

Expat With UK Property? What You Need To Know About Non-Resident Capital Gains Tax

It seems like we are always writing about taxes here. Whether it be new tax rules in far-flung countries or the need to file a return in your home nation, tax truly can be taxing for expats.

Having a foot in two cultures is never easy, especially if you have to manage assets and income in both. This will mean you have to follow the tax legislation for both countries and probably report everything twice.    more ...
United Kingdom

How Will Brexit Affect Expat Mortgages?

(c) Saffron Blaze on Wikipedia
When a majority of the citizens of the United Kingdom voted for Britain to exit the European Union on June 23, 2016, it created a huge amount of uncertainty around the political and economic landscape of the future, not just across among the member nations and the continent, but all over the world. This was evident in the way the Pound Sterling got significantly weaker in the days that followed the referendum. Many foreign investors put a complet ...    more ...
United Kingdom

Is Now The Time For British Expats To Buy UK Property?

(c) Andrew Hackney on Wikipedia
One of the reasons why many people are currently thinking of investing in UK property is that the pound is trading at historic lows against most of the world's leading currencies, which makes property in the UK much cheaper for foreigners and expats to buy.    more ...
United Kingdom

An Expat Guide To Renting Property In London

England’s capital is undoubtedly one of the most dynamic, lively and fast-paced cities in the world. In addition to being the financial hub of Great Britain, London is at the pulse of Europe’s of fashion, art, entertainment and commercial scenes. You can see the city almost buzzing with an urban energy at any time of the day or night.    more ...
United Kingdom

Should You Buy Or Build A House In the UK?

Image © Dave_S on Flickr
When you move to a different country, you are faced with the option of either buying a home or building your own from scratch. These are two different paths that come with their own sets of benefits and challenges.

The main advantage of buying an existing home is that you can complete the deal and start living in your new home in a shorter period of time.    more ...
United Kingdom

The Expat’s Guide To (Affordable) Renting In London

London: the home of cockney rhyming slang, jellied eel pies and world-famous football clubs.

Whether it’s for the promise of increased job opportunities or the brilliantly multicultural feel, London draws in thousands of new residents every year from across the world, keen to get stuck into the world of employment, as well as give back to their local communities. The National Office of Statistics revealed that in 2014 London was the only re ...    more ...
United Kingdom

Dealing With Landlords In London - What Expats Need To Know Before Renting

Expats can choose to rent an apartment in London either through a letting agent or privately. Letting agencies usually take care of the framing of the tenancy contract and deposit. The Association of Residential Letting Agents must regulate agents and you can find listings on the association’s website. Those who choose to rent privately need to deal with a landlord. While not all landlords are difficult, there are some who may refuse to abide b ...    more ...

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