Sam Jenkinson, Leuven

Who are you? I am Sam Jenkinson. I am a PhD student, studying demography at the university of Leuven, Belgium. I am 31 years old and from Hull in the UK. I am currently moving in with my partner, Arne, who is a dance teacher from Belgium, and I am entering the final year of … Read more

Rebecca Bramlett, Ghent

Who are you?I am Rebecca Bramlett, an American living in Belgium.Prior to my move abroad, I worked in higher education as a fundraiser and marketer. Now I am studying digital storytelling and working to document my experiences living abroad. I also stay busy as a mother, wife, and volunteer for humanitarian and animal welfare causes. … Read more

Sam Dowle, Ardennes

Who are you? My name is Sam Dowle, I am originally from the UK, I am 35yrs old. Where, when and why did you move abroad? I moved to the Ardennes region of Belgium with my husband.We had a holiday home there for 13 years. We moved over there as I had a head injury … Read more

Ana Elisa Miranda

Who are you? My name is Ana Elisa, I’m from Brazil and I’m a teacher. I taught English as a Second Language before I moved abroad for the first time.After two au pair experiences I went back to teaching and today I work at an international school. Where, when and why did you move abroad? … Read more

Jessica Knopp, Antwerp

Who are you? My name is Jessica and I am a twenty six year old freelance writer and photographer living in Antwerp. I am originally from the South Island of New Zealand, which is quite literally the located further than any other country from Belgium. In New Zealand I lived next to the Fiordland National … Read more

Oli Duncan, Brussels

Who are you? My name is Oli Duncan, I’m 34, and a freelance writer. My work to date includes sports documentary scripts, feature articles for travel magazines, and content for luxury services websites. I’m currently finalising the script of an off-beat thriller, planned as a 6-part TV series. I’m from Suffolk, in South East England … Read more

Mel, Antwerp

My name is Mel and I am an American woman, married to a Dutch man. I’m a geek, reader, blogger and photographer. You know. Just a girl. I moved from the US to Antwerp, Belgium, in 2009. We came because my husband was (and still is) in university over here and we did not want … Read more

Alison Cornford-Matheson, Brussels

I’m a Canadian expat living in the centre of Brussels, Belgium. I’m a photographer, artist and writer and I run a blog for expats in Belgium and abroad called My very first ‘expat’ experience was back in 2004. My husband was transferred to the Netherlands for 3 months to help start up an office … Read more

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