2012 – A Year In Expat Books

2012 was a bumper year of new books for expats, thanks in no small part to Jo Parfitt’s Summertime Publishing which continues to lead the way in publishing all genres of books of interest to expats. I’m an avid reader of books that relate in some way to the experience of being an accompanying partner; … Read more

Career Choice And The Accompanying Partner

My decision to stop working shortly before I relocated from Hong Kong to Zurich to accompany my husband on a new international assignment was driven by a number of considerations. My eligibility for a work visa or not didn’t even come into the equation. I had no contacts in Switzerland who could help me find … Read more

5 Challenges Of Bringing Up Children Overseas

Last month I wrote about the 5 things my children have gained from living peripatetic lives in multiple countries and cultures. I realise that in writing the article, I ran the risk of sounding a little smug about our parenting decisions. But as any expat parent will confirm, we are constantly second-guessing whether or our … Read more

Five Things My Children Have Gained From Living Overseas

I’ve met people who, on hearing about all the countries my family have lived in, suggest that I should be worried that our children are doomed to an adult life spent in therapy to recover from their peripatetic childhoods. In reality the things my husband and I worry about for our children are no different … Read more

7 Ways To Get The Support You Need

We all need support sometimes and I’m not talking about the type of support offered by Spanx that makes you look super-svelte in your figure hugging cocktail dress. I’m talking about the emotional and practical support we get from our families, our communities and our friends. As accompanying partners we often find ourselves in new … Read more

Making The Decision Right

Last month, I wrote about acceptance of your life as it is today as the starting point for creating a fulfilling life overseas. In this month’s article I’ll be discussing building from that foundation and I’ll be focusing on three key elements: • Mindset• Values• Action If you don't like something change it; if you … Read more

The Space Between

The initial flurry of unpacking and getting settled has passed, the excitement of the holidays is over and a more normal routine has begun to prevail. For many accompanying partners, the realisation of what “normal” life will entail in a new country comes hand-in-hand with a true understanding of what overseas relocation means for their … Read more