Why Moving To Brazil Will (Probably) Make You Happier

Recent events in the world of sport have caused people of all nationalities to explore Brazil more closely. Thousands of foreigners who visited the country are thinking about staying back for a longer period of time. Of course, there is a lot more to this beautiful nation than football. As Brazil’s popularity on a global … Read more

A Few Tips For Expats Driving In Brazil

Brazil is a geographically vast and varied country and driving here can be an intimidating experience for newcomers. But more than the sheer size and wavering landscape of the region, it is the roads and the driving style of Brazilian drivers that pose a greater challenge. Foreigners may have to get used to a lot … Read more

Shawn Muller, Formiga (Minas Gerais)

Who are you? My name is Shawn Muller and I am 37 years old, I am originally from Port St. Lucie, Florida. I went on a working holiday to the United Kingdom in 2001, where I met my Brazilian partner. And ever since then I lived between these three countries. I relocated for the third … Read more

Sharon F, Brasilia

Who are you? My name is Sharon F. and my family and I currently live in the metro DC area, but originally we are from Miami, Florida. I honestly thought living and growing up in Miami, a diverse multicultural city prepared me for what it would be like to live overseas. Boy was I wrong. … Read more

Expat Life in Brazil Away from the Atlantic Coast

The coastal region of Brazil, specifically the southeast portion of it, is home to both of the country’s most populous cities in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo (their combined population being around 18 million). Points further north along the coastline do not lag too far behind, either, with Salvador, Fortaleza and others contributing to … Read more

Rachel Loerch, Rio de Janeiro

I’m a border-hopper, only the other way. I have fled my boring middle class life in the states for… middle class life in Brazil. Hey, at least it’s in a different language. That makes it slightly more exciting, or frustrating. Depends on how you look at things. And I have a tendency of looking at … Read more

Brynn Barineau, Rio de Janeiro

Some will say I’m a bold adventurer, others a certifiable lunatic. Possibly a hopeless romantic or a masochist. Officially, I’m an American from a southern, suburban town outside of Atlanta, Georgia. I became an expat four years ago when I moved to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I’m a teacher and writer. I keep a blog … Read more

Jim and Luiz, Niterói

My name is Jim. I was born in Detroit, Michigan, USA, but after college I moved to San Francisco, California where I lived for 24 years, prior to moving to Brazil. While in San Francisco I was the Executive Director of various non-profit organizations over the years and most recently the Director of the San … Read more

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