Deb Klipper

I am Deb Klipper and I have been joyfully married to my best friend Rob for 28 years. I am 58, he is 62. I left a job as a Special Educator in San Antonio Texas and he retired from a job as a biomedical researcher. We have two grown daughters and two granddaughters all … Read more

Sally Rose, Santiago

My name is Sally Rose. I blog as The Thorny Rose. I moved to Santiago, Chile on March 1, 2011, because I had discovered, during a visit here in 2008, that I felt better here than anywhere I’ve ever been or lived. Whatever “it” was, I wanted more of it! (I had always had an … Read more

Daria Kawecka, Grand Cayman

My name is Daria Kawecka and I am a Software Developer from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I moved from Edmonton to Grand Cayman on April 11th 2011. My main reason was for the adventure. What challenges did you face during the move? Moving back home to rent out my condo was hard. Packing up a fairly … Read more

Lyn Worrell, New Brunswick

My name is Lyn Worrell. My husband Richard had been married before when I met him in Saudi Arabia and we got married in Jeddah at the British Consulate. I “inherited” 2 daughters and now have 5 wonderful grandchildren, ages ranging from 9 years to 18 months. I moved to Canada in August 2004 and … Read more

George St Clare, Balchik

My name is George St Clare and I currently live in Balchik on the Northern Black Sea Coast of Bulgaria. Prior to Bulgaria, I have worked in the computer field in the UK and Qatar, computers and real estate in Russia and real estate in Malta. In Bulgaria, I run three companies – GPS systems, … Read more

Rachel Gawith, Central Bulgaria

I am Rachel, a British girl, born in North West England. Studied medical biochemistry and then did a law degree and practiced as a lawyer in a high street firm for a couple of years before getting bored with the desk job and 9 till 5. Lived on a farm most of my life until … Read more

Rachel Loerch, Rio de Janeiro

I’m a border-hopper, only the other way. I have fled my boring middle class life in the states for… middle class life in Brazil. Hey, at least it’s in a different language. That makes it slightly more exciting, or frustrating. Depends on how you look at things. And I have a tendency of looking at … Read more

Brynn Barineau, Rio de Janeiro

Some will say I’m a bold adventurer, others a certifiable lunatic. Possibly a hopeless romantic or a masochist. Officially, I’m an American from a southern, suburban town outside of Atlanta, Georgia. I became an expat four years ago when I moved to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I’m a teacher and writer. I keep a blog … Read more

Jim and Luiz, Niterói

My name is Jim. I was born in Detroit, Michigan, USA, but after college I moved to San Francisco, California where I lived for 24 years, prior to moving to Brazil. While in San Francisco I was the Executive Director of various non-profit organizations over the years and most recently the Director of the San … Read more

Macarena Rose, San Ignacio

Hello to you from Belize !! I am Macarena Rose ( really, this is my name!) and I moved to Belize over 7 years ago from the USA. I moved to Belize as the Director of my Church to start a healing mission here- which then led me to another form of service, which is … Read more