How To Rent Or Buy Property In Italy

As an expat destination, Italy is most popular among retired people and those looking to settle down with a partner. The market generally supports people purchasing properties, rather than renting them, but you can also find great rental opportunities with the right landlord. Renting property in Italy In general, rental prices in Italy are competitive. […]

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How To Buy A Property In Italy: A Guide For New Expats

Who among us hasn’t imagined themselves sitting under the Tuscan sun, sipping from a glass of wine while Domenico Modugno sings Volare on the stereo? Owning a piece of la dolce vita is the dream of many migrants coming to Italy.However, before deciding to own a home or a plot of land in the bel […]

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A Short Expat Guide to Buying a House In Italy

Italy is one of the most popular destinations for expats. Its sun soaked Mediterranean beaches, picturesque countryside, rugged mountainous terrain and world class cities make it irresistible to most expats, whether they are considering a short stay or a long-term relocation. In Italy, buying property is often a more prudent option as compared to renting. […]

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