How To Apply For A Visa In Luxembourg

Luxembourg is one of the world’s smallest countries, and yet it remains a popular destination for tourists and expats. Indeed, it is not unknown for people in neighbouring nations to cross the border simply to have lunch. If you’re looking to visit Luxembourg, you may need a visa, depending on your nationality and the reason … Read more

What Rights Does A Luxembourg Dependents’ Visa Grant You?

Luxembourg is a tiny nation that packs an oversized economic punch. Nestled in between her larger neighbours Belgium, France and Germany, Luxembourg’s per person GDP is amongst the highest in the world.Luxembourg’s economic success is partly due to a diverse mix of exports. However, it is mostly the financial services industry that puts this sleepy … Read more

The Basics Of Immigration Laws In Luxembourg

Luxembourg has a strategic geographical location in the southwest of Europe. It shares borders with Germany, France and Belgium and is close to many of the major capital cities like Berlin, Paris, Geneva and London. Its dynamic economy makes it a global hub for finance, banking and insurance, and it is today among the wealthiest … Read more

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