Delia Olmedo, Singapore

Who are you? My name is Delia Olmedo, I am originally from Paraguay. I am a 34-year-old and crazy about challenges. My first one was at 16-years-old when I decided to become a foreign exchange student in the USA. After that I just could not stop traveling, went to University in Brazil from where I […]

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Alexandra Sheehan

Who are you? My name is Alexandra Sheehan and I am a 24-year-old freelance writer, blogger and editor. I also manage my own blog at After graduating with my Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations, Communications and Leadership Studies, I decided to work and travel abroad. I went to New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, Turkey, Singapore […]

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Bryan Norman, Bayshore Park

My name is Bryan Norman. I’m from The Netherlands’ Antilles, but I’ve lived in Holland, UK and Australia. I moved to Singapore in 2005 after spending a month here each year since 2003. I prefer a tropical climate and I like to live close to the sea. Singapore has both, as well as great food, […]

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