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United Kingdom > Living

United Kingdom

Settling Into London: Insider Tips From The Capital City

London is a fantastic city to live in, albeit a rather pricey one! Living cost aside, there’s always so much to do in the big smoke, which is wonderful but can also be, well, a little overwhelming. Moving anywhere new can be taxing, both mentally and physically, let alone moving to a bustling hub such as London.    more ...
United Kingdom

What Effect Might Brexit Have On American Expats In The UK?

Wherever you come from, this is an unsettling time to be living in the UK. EU nationals resident in Britain are already reporting difficulties with applying for residency. But what if you’re living here and you come from outside the EU?    more ...
United Kingdom

Moving To London? There's An App For That

At one point in the not so distant past, finding your way around required a map, a sense of direction and some navigation skills. Finding a new home involved visiting multiple estate agents, locating a good place to eat was based on trial and error or word of mouth, and figuring out the utterly ridiculous London Underground system required, well... a lot of head scratching!

In this day and age, with technology so ingrained into our everyday li ...    more ...
United Kingdom

How To Navigate London's Public Transport System

Public transport is more or less the easiest way to get around London due to heavy traffic and congestion charges. London is excellently connected as a result of the public transport reaching all over the city. However, the system can seem complicated to the newly initiated. For example, since some of the underground in London is so old, the routes may not necessarily be ever so logical, and the system may vary a bit from what you are used to in ...    more ...
United Kingdom

Hipster Or Homebody? Find Your London Tribe

Are you a hipster or a homebody? Do you prefer cosy evenings in as opposed to late nights out? Do you revel in quaint, quiet venues and love a good book club? Perhaps you’re an early riser and love a good cup of expertly roasted coffee? Or on the flipside, do you enjoy a good knees-up? Maybe you’re more of a brunch person, with a bloody Mary to curb your hangover – hey, no judgement here! You might be a musician or fan of live gigs, or you ...    more ...
United Kingdom

Staying In The UK Legally After A Relationship Breakup

Tales of international romance sadly don’t tend to end with the happy couple riding into the sunset to enjoy a life of loving, bureaucracy-free bliss. If Cinderella had happened to be a foreign citizen when she fell for her Prince, she would have needed a visa advisor rather than a fairy godmother to reach her happy ending.    more ...
United Kingdom

Where To Find The Best Sunday Roasts In London

Some countries are famous for their cuisine. The French have Cordon Bleu, the Italians have a rich heritage of pasta and wine, Singapore sizzles in a fusion recipe of cultural delights.

Britain, on the other hand, enjoys a global reputation for stodgy dollops of carbs, tasteless beer and an obsession with gravy. While the rest of the world may not see the charm of the Cornish pasty or the savoury deliciousness of the Scotch egg, British people ...    more ...
United Kingdom

Accessible London: A Guide for Expats Who Use Mobility Aids

London has an alarming reputation for being inaccessible, with many areas retaining the original Victorian architecture. However, in recent years a number of improvements have been made to enable those who use mobility aids to enjoy many areas which had previously been inaccessible.    more ...
United Kingdom

American In London? Here's Where To Find A Taste Of Home

America is land of the free and home of the brave, according to the song at least. But what happens when Americans pack up their lives, leave the States behind and settle in the land of hope and glory?

One estimate puts the number of Americans living in the UK at 197,000. Whilst a large number of these are service personnel and their families, who are clustered around the runways of air bases in Suffolk, a great many more have settled in Londo ...    more ...
United Kingdom

A Vegetarian Guide To London

Whether you’re vegetarian, vegan, or just a healthy eater, rest assured that the Big Smoke is a veritable veggie paradise these days. England might not have the best food reputation abroad, but you’ll be delighted to know that this has changed in recent years. Gone are the days of limp lettuce served with rust-coloured tomatoes and a slice of cucumber, or bland and flavourless dishes of meat and two veg. As one of the most international citie ...    more ...

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