How Does The Quality Of Healthcare In Austria Compare With The USA?

Coming from the US to Europe, one of the most frequently cited advantages is the overall lower cost of healthcare. Once you have registered with the Austrian health system and received your e-card, you will be entitled to public healthcare that is free at the point of service. This is a huge change from the … Read more

How Much Do Health Procedures Cost In Austria?

Austria’s Krankenkasse system means that all basic health procedures, as well as emergency care, are covered by the state. You will not need to pay any costs upfront and you won’t be charged for most healthcare.However, some expats still choose to take out supplementary health insurance in Austria, either to speed up wait times or … Read more

How To Get Your Prescriptions In Austria

You do not need to register with a specific pharmacy in Austria in order to get your prescriptions. You will need to be registered with a local doctor, which you can do by taking your proof of ID and your e-card along to a surgery. Your doctor will then prescribe medication when you need it, … Read more

How To Keep Your Health Insurance Costs Low In Austria

The state healthcare system in Austria means that health insurance is less popular here than in many other countries around the world. However, some expats do choose to take out private health cover, either to upgrade their optional extras, or to ensure that they can visit specific doctors.If you have decided to take out private … Read more

How To Register With The Austrian Health System

Healthcare in Austria is known as Krankenkasse and is run by the state. It covers all necessary basic care.However, many people make the decision to top up their basic health cover with private health insurance, which entitles you to a wider range of options and can bring added peace of mind. Registering For Basic Healthcare … Read more

What Cover Is Available For Sports Injuries In Austria?

Winter sports are very popular in Austria, and plenty of people move to the country after falling in love with it during their winter vacations. Non-winter sports such as football and rugby are also popular hobbies among residents.If you are planning to move to Austria, one of the best ways to keep yourself fit and … Read more

Dental And Ophthalmic Care In Austria: How To Find The Right Options For You

Standards of healthcare in Austria are generally very high, and dental care is no exception. However, there are some differences between the levels of care the state will cover for general medical complaints, and for dentistry.Those without private health insurance in Austria will find that they are not fully covered for dental care, particularly for … Read more

Why Austria’s Healthcare System Is One Of The Best In The World

The national healthcare system in Austria was first developed and implemented in 1956, around 10 years after the introduction of the NHS in the UK, and at a similar time to many other European countries. These systems were the product of new ideas about social welfare and were the first to decree that receiving healthcare … Read more

Moving To Austria As A Disabled Expat: What You Need To Know

Emigrating is stressful enough without having to micro-manage every second, but when you have a disability, all decisions must be thought out and planned in minute detail. Failure to do so can lead to the exacerbation of already heightened stress and frustration. In order to limit such negative scenarios, research and planning is a must.According … Read more

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