How To Apply For A Visa In Canada

It will depend on your nationality whether or not you require a visa to enter Canada. Those who do not require a visa, will require an Electronic Travel Authorisation (also known as an eTA). Even if you are only transiting through Canada, you will still require an eTA. If you have Canadian dual nationality, you […]

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How To Obtain A Temporary Visa In Canada

A temporary visa for Canada is called a TRV (temporary resident visa). You can apply for it in seven steps.1. Apply for your visitor visa, study permit or work permit as required.2. Get your fingerprints and photo taken. 3. Submit your application for processing.4. Wait for a decision to be made on your application.5. If […]

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How Can The New Family Sponsorship Options In Canada Help You?

One of the more frustrating elements of visa applications is the fact that the criteria and processes can change so often. Sometimes it can feel difficult to keep up with current changes and to know where you stand. One such visa is the Canadian family reunification visa, which over the years has seen some backlash […]

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Bringing Your Pets Into Canada: A Guide For Expats

Canada is famous for the beautiful Niagara Falls in the Golden Horseshoe region of Southern Ontario as well as the production and exportation of the natural sweetener maple syrup. This friendly country is the second largest in the world after Russia, and is currently 19th in the Top Expat Destinations for 2018, according to a […]

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What Quebec’s New Immigration Options Mean For You

The Canadian province of Quebec is an interesting option for would-be expats who are looking for someplace outside of their home country to settle. Quebec is experiencing a labour shortage that has led it to becoming more welcoming of migrants, while its long and complicated history has resulted in beautiful architecture, delicious food and a […]

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A Guide To Repatriating To Canada

Expats moving back home to Canada have many wonderful things to look forward to. The country is known to be a safe destination with efficient public services, abundant nature and a renowned healthcare system. There is also the joy of being close to family and friends again. However, returning to one’s home country does involve […]

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An Expat Guide To Permanent Residence Visas For Canada

One of the most complex aspects of emigrating to a new country is the visa process – which visa to choose, what the criteria are, and whether it covers your family. It can certainly be an overwhelming and stressful period amongst all the preparation for your move, so we’ve compiled this guide to provide you […]

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How To Retire To Canada

Canada has topped the lists and surveys of the best countries to live in (such as “the better life index”, “livability ranking report” and the “human development report”) for quite some time now. With an average lower cost of living and housing prices compared to the United States and some European countries, a high quality […]

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An Expat Guide To Moving To Canada Under The Skilled Workers Program

There are many ways to gain citizenship in Canada, one of the most popular being through the Skilled Workers programme. A ‘skilled worker’ is someone with suitable education and work experience, and who is fluent in one of Canada’s official languages.The concept of the skilled worker programme is to invite people who have a skill […]

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