Integrate Or Bust!

Expats enjoying a group bbq – in the photo there are six different nationalities. Here are some ideas for how to integrate into your new Spanish community.First, be aware of some of the traditions and behaviour norms, which may not be the same as those in your country of origin. For example, in Spain it … Read more

A Walk In The Park

The land known as the Parque Natural de la Mata y Torrevieja belongs to the state, and parts of it are rented to vineyard owners. In 1988 it was declared a protected area and a year later declared a National Game Reserve. In 1995 it became a Parque Natural.It is the southernmost nature park in … Read more

Christmas In Cadiz

The sweet scent of marijuana mingled with lavender pleasured my nostrils each time I entered or left the resort. The entrance to Playa Ballena spa resort near Cadiz was grand – and once through the revolving door, the foyer sported the traditional sweeping staircase as well as two ultra-modern glass lifts, with a vast dining … Read more

Spanish (Il)logic And Élan

When I first arrived here in Spain I, like many others, found the bureaucracy somewhat frustrating. It appeared that you need multiple copies of everything relating to your passage through life: birth certificate, Sunday school reports, school reports, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, children’s birth certificate/s, educational qualifications, utility bills, proof of residence, police antecedents document, … Read more

A Stroll Around My Home Town: La Mata

Call me sentimental, but I fancy my heart skipped a beat when I first saw the words ‘La Mata’ in the property columns of the local press. I was visiting my daughter here and asked her where this ‘marsh’ was. Soon we were parking the car on one of the many streets leading to the … Read more