Ekaterina And Balders

Hello! Hello! I am Ekaterina (Belorussian) and my husband is Balders (English), we have two kids – Milana (born in UK) and Kaydon (born in Bulgaria). We are very proud to be a super international and happy family/ ☺We are “experienced” expats, because we moved countries not only once… ☺ We met on the internet … Read more

Tom Czaban, České Budějovice

Who are you? I’m Tom, a British expat, living in the Czech Republic. Where, when and why did you move abroad? Before moving to the Czech Republic I lived in China for four years, then I wanted to move back to Europe.I chose the Czech Republic because I have family connections here. What challenges did … Read more

Chloe’ Skye, Near Brno

Who are you? My name is Chloe’, and I’m a traveler, ESL teacher, spoken word poet and treehugger. Where, when and why did you move abroad? I moved to Czech Republic (“Czechia”) in 2014 on a Fulbright fellowship to be an English assistant in a small-town grammar school (gymnázium).This is not my first time living … Read more

Kevan Vogler, Brno

Who are you? My name is Kevan Vogler. I’m originally from Edmonton, Alberta in Canada Where, when and why did you move abroad? I moved to Brno, Czech Republic in 2004. Partly for romantic reasons and partly for a much needed change in life in general What challenges did you face during the move? The … Read more

Cynthia, České Budějovice

Who are you? Ahoj! I’m Cynthia, an American expat from Washington state who is now living in the Czech Republic with my fiancé (then boyfriend). Where, when and why did you move abroad? I initially moved to Prague in November 2012 because I really wanted to live and work in Europe, and I ended up … Read more

Sarah Coffey, Prague

Who are you? I’m a 35 year old woman who was born in England but spent part of my childhood/teenage years in the US. When I was 21 I moved to NY. I never really felt like I truly belonged in the US, though I have some wonderful friends from there. After so long, I … Read more

Adam Sweet, Prague

Who are you? I’m currently in my early 30s, and I have never really done anything the way that people consider ‘normal’. I had a pretty normal upbringing in a middle-class family in the suburbs of San Francisco, in the United States. But after I finished high school I stopped doing things the way I … Read more

Nathan and Niki Brown, Brno

We are Nathan and Niki Brown. In 2007 our son Matias was born and in 2009, Elliot. Both of our children were born in Brno. My wife and I were recently married at that time and thought that if we were going to live in another country, it should be before we had children. We … Read more

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