An Expat Guide To The French Education System

Similar to the French health system, education here is very reputable. If you and your family are thinking of moving to France decisions will need to be made regarding the education of your child, and this guide will give you an insight into the options available.

Top Tips For Expats Moving To France

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An Expat Guide To The Regions Of France

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The Ultimate To-Do List For Expats In The South Of France

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A Gluten-Free Guide To Paris

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France - The French lifestyle is envied around the world. From chic and cultured Paris to the vineyards and sunflower fields of Provence, France continues to attract expats with its style, scenery and a cuisine that promotes eating to an art form.


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Aga, Lyon

Who are you?

My Name is Aga and I am a Pole. I think my passion for travelling but mostly for discovering new cultures and exploring different lifestyles started at the university. I have been actively spending any free time in the international environment and enj   more ...

Christopher GJ Cooley, Bordeaux

Who are you?

My name is Christopher GJ Cooley, I come from the South-West of England.

Where, when and why did you move abroad?

  more ...

Kim, Near Chateaubriant (Loire Atlantique)

Who are you?

Hello! I'm Kim, an American from Massachusetts currently living and working in France with my boyfriend and our smiley dog Jojo   more ...

Richard Nahem, Paris

Who are you?

Richard Nahem, born and raised in New York City. I was a chef and caterer in New York for 21 years before I moved to Paris. I n   more ...