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How To Lease A Car As An Expat In The USA

America is known as the land of the automobile, and for anyone who has spent time in the States, the reasons for this are obvious. It’s an enormous country, and settlements are still set wide apart from one another, particularly by European standards. You may remember the   more ...

Expats In The USA: Recommended Books To Make Your Life Easier

Are you the process of setting up a new life in the USA, or finding your groove after a recent arrival? Not all reading has to be about health insuran   more ...

Moving From The UK To The US? Here's What You Need To Know About Healthcare

If you’re moving from the UK to the USA, you will need to look carefully at issues surrounding healthcare. After all, you’ll be moving from the na   more ...

Interview With Claude Koehl, Author, The American Way Of Life

Claude, you've recently written a book called The American Way of Life. Tell us about the book and its aims.

The goal of my new book   more ...

An Expat Guide To The Cost Of Living In San Jose

San Jose is situated on the southern shore of San Francisco Bay, in the centre of the Santa Clara Valley. The city is sprawled over an area of 179.97   more ...

How To Pass The American Citizenship Test

Citizenship tests are always a challenge, and the test for US citizenship has an especially tough reputation. But what does the American citizenship t   more ...

USA - So much variety in every aspect, the only way to know the USA is to experience it. From 24 hour cities to rustic communities, National Parks to coastal resorts, there are infinite ways to 'have a nice day' in the USA.


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My name is Kate! I am 31 and live together with my husband in beautiful Chicago.   more ...

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I am a French Personal Trainer living in New York, where I run my own business and I just self-published my first novel, [i]The   more ...

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I'm Kylie, a British travel writer and blogger originally from Essex in the UK!

[b]Where, when and why did you move abroad   more ...

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My name is Yasmin but most people call me Yaz, I’m 25 years old and from Glasgow in Scotland, UK.   more ...

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My name is Catarina and I'm a thirty-something Portuguese blogger & marketing freelancer.   more ...