How To Rent Or Buy Property In France

If you are looking to move to France, then you will need to consider your options in terms of accommodation. This article will take you through the renting process, as well as the buying process, from start to finish.Renting property There are three main options for those wanting to rent property in France. 1. Private … Read more

How To Rent Out Your Home In France

Are you thinking about letting out your property in France? Before throwing open the doors of your dream property, here is a handy checklist to assist you as you stumble through the quagmire of rules and regulations set out by the French government.If you haven’t already bought your ideal property, the best areas to check … Read more

How To Find An Apartment In Cannes

The French port of Cannes is a legendarily lovely place to live, with its silver screen associations and glamorous image. For many people, it’s the first place that comes to mind when they think of the South of France: yachts, beaches, sophisticated dining and shopping as well as the classic Mediterranean climate. It’s a place … Read more

UK Expat Buying Property In France? Here’s What You Need To Know

Despite uncertainties over Brexit, buying property in France remains a popular choice for British expats, whether as a permanent residence, an investment property, or a holiday home. In some regions, property is substantially cheaper than in the UK and British people are still welcome; for instance, the Occitanie area is home to a high proportion … Read more

How To Find The Right Expat Mortgage For You In France

Some of us might be lucky enough to embark on a new life in France with the financial means to buy a dream property outright. But for many, establishing a home in ‘the Hexagone’ requires a helping hand from the bank.So where do you start when it comes to looking at your borrowing options in … Read more

Renovating Rural Property In France – 10 Tips For First-Time Buyers

When it comes to living in France, many people plan to move to expat hotspots such as the beautiful cities of Paris, Lyon or Nice. Others dream of escaping the bustling city life for a relaxed lifestyle in the French countryside, often with visions of a charming old stone house in one of the country’s … Read more

The Top Ten French Cities For Buying Property

France is known for many things. Its cuisine is renowned the world over, and some of the most sophisticated vintage wines can be found in France. The country has been an important center of art and is the abode of many famous artists. It is a tourist hotspot and is one of the most visited … Read more

The Expat Tenant’s Guide To Renting Property In France

It is possible to enlist a real estate expert to help in finding a home that will meet requirements; this is particularly useful for expat families looking for a property in big cities, for example. The property professional in France will have in-depth knowledge of the rental market and understand the renting process so the … Read more

Freddy Rueda, Real Estate Languedoc

Please tell us a bit about yourself and your company Freddy Rueda’s estate agency ‘Real Estate Languedoc’ has been helping clients find their dream property in the Languedoc region in the south of France since 1995. Specialising in the Hérault and Aude departments of this beautiful wine-producing region, our agency’s goal is to help our … Read more

Simon Kerridge, Languedoc Property Finders

Please tell us a bit about yourself and your company I have been in residential estate agency for over 20 years. I began in London in 1989 and moved to Pezenas in 2001. Languedoc Property Finders specialise in helping British buyers and sellers buy and sell property in the Languedoc region of France. We currently … Read more

Are Leaseback Schemes in France Too Good to be True?

by Deborah Kent For UK buyers considering entering the French market, there is one purchase option that stands out in terms of investment potential and the ability to get on the property ladder despite the lack of an initial deposit. If this sounds too good to be true – read on! In actual fact, while … Read more

Finding your dream home in France – Part 1

Buying a home in France can be a complex process. From finding your dream home to relocating to France there are many hurdles to overcome before you can relax and enjoy the lifestyle and beautiful environment that France is renowned for. In Part 1 of this series, Oliver Phillips of PFS France ( walks you … Read more

Employing tradespeople (artisans) legally in France

by Ben Hermer, Artisan Anglais So many British citizens are now moving to France or buying a holiday home here that the demand is steadily growing for tradespeople, or artisans as they are known in France, to work on their houses, carry out groundwork or do any other job that may be needed. We Brits … Read more