How To Apply For A Visa In Italy

Italy is one of the most popular destinations in the world, for visitors and expats seeking residence and employment. An estimated 50 million people visit the country annually. Whether or not you need a visa will depend on your country of origin. Read on to learn more about your options.Will I need a visa? You … Read more

Interview With Damien O’Farrell, Expat Coach

Damien, you're an expat coach and you help people who want to move abroad. Tell us a bit more about your job and how you got into it. I define myself as a Global Mobility Specialist and Expat Coach & Mentor and I combine both skillsets to provide a unique relocation experience to Italy. Combining … Read more

Homeware Shopping In Tuscany – A Guide For Expats

Located in central Italy, Tuscany is famous for its spectacular scenery, awe-inspiring architecture and pleasant climate, making it a popular destination for expats. There is a wide range of shopping options offering homeware to suit everyone.Supermarkets There are a number of supermarket chains that, like their British counterparts, sell a range of houseware items as … Read more

What Do The New Residence Fees In Italy Mean For You?

Italy has become one of the most popular expat destinations for people from all across the world. Known for its rich history, modern infrastructure, warm people, scenic beauty and pleasant weather, Italy offers its residents a highly attractive lifestyle, with special emphasis on aspects such as family, food, fashion and festivities.Often referred to as the … Read more

An Expat Guide To The Permesso Di Soggiorno

What is Permesso Di Soggiorno? This is a permit of stay not to be confused with an entry visa (which must be arranged separately if necessary and ideally prior to your arrival in the country). The document is legally required by the Italian state for all foreign citizens who wish to reside in Italy.The Permesso … Read more

An Expat Guide To Moving Your Pet To Italy

Are you planning on bringing your animale domestico with you to start your new life in Italy? Before making your move, you will need to make the necessary preparations for your pet to ensure their journey runs smoothly. The logistics and preparation can be confusing at times and so we have put together a simple … Read more

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