How To Register For Healthcare In Malaysia

Malaysia has a two-tier healthcare system, consisting of a public scheme alongside a private health sector, but your options as an expat will be limited when it comes to public healthcare. We will look at those options below. Malaysia does not have a national health insurance scheme as such, and the current system is not … Read more

How To Open A Bank Account In Malaysia

Finding reliable and trustworthy banking services is an important part of living and working abroad, and expats will find that, in most countries, a range of options are available. You may well wish to maintain a bank account at home, for paying bills and other activities, but you will probably also need a local bank … Read more

What Quality Of Healthcare Can You Expect In Malaysia?

Malaysia has a two tier system of healthcare. Overall, healthcare in the country, both in the public and the private sector, is of a high quality. Malaysia is a growing destination for medical tourism, such as for dental and optical treatments, and more private clinics have been springing up in recent years. Health in Malaysia … Read more

How To Register With The Health System In Malaysia

Malaysia is currently a destination for medical tourism, and you can find a high standard of healthcare in its private sector. Government-sponsored healthcare is also deemed to be of a good quality there.As an expat, your options for accessing government-sponsored healthcare under national health insurance will be limited, since Malaysia does not run such a … Read more

How To Keep Your Health Insurance Costs Low In Malaysia

Malaysia does not run a national health insurance scheme, as such, for expats, so you will have three options. You can access public healthcare, which you can pay for either out of pocket or through your existing international health insurance; you can use private clinics, which you can again pay for either out of pocket … Read more

How To Keep Fit And Healthy In Malaysia

It is not difficult to keep fit and well in Malaysia. From jungle trekking and trail hiking to cycling and watersports, there are many forms of exercise available. We will look at some of your options below.If you are living in Malaysia, it would be a shame not to make the most of the country’s … Read more

How To Rent Or Buy Property In Malaysia

Renting property If you’re looking to rent accommodation in Malaysia, you shouldn’t have a problem. You don’t need residency in order to rent an apartment, and in fact proving that you have secured accommodation is a requirement for foreigners who are looking to apply for a temporary stay visa.Both unfurnished and furnished accommodations are available. … Read more

Dental And Ophthalmic Care In Malaysia: How To Find The Right Options For You

Malaysia has limited national health insurance provision, and most of the cover that does exist applies neither to expats nor to dental and ophthalmic care. You therefore have the options of accessing public treatment and paying out of pocket, or via your private insurer, or of using the private sector.Costs will be competitive in comparison … Read more

How To Apply For A Visa In Malaysia

Malaysia is a popular destination for many expats, who travel to the country for tourism, business and residence. Although Malaysia’s economy has been significantly growing over the past few years, the rate of this has somewhat slowed recently. However, there are still jobs available in many industries. If you are thinking of travelling to Malaysia, … Read more

How To Find A Job In Malaysia

Working in Malaysia is an attractive prospect for many expats, and there is a range of jobs available, particularly in cities such as Kuala Lumpur. Teaching, IT, tourism and finance are all potential sectors for expat employment. The Malaysian government is trying to encourage local companies to hire Malaysian personnel above overseas workers, so this … Read more

Dave, Malaysia

Who are you? I’m Dave, 34 years old, married with two young children (aged 2 and 4) Where, when and why did you move abroad? We moved to Malaysia in 2018.My wife was offered a job in an international school, I was a bit bored of my office job in England so I decided to … Read more

An Expat Guide To Malaysia’s MM2H Visa

Of all the hurdles that you may have to overcome as an expat, the one that can be the most time-consuming and confusing is without a doubt your visa. What visa do you need? How do you apply for it? Will the visa cover your family? These are some of the most frequently asked questions … Read more

Stella English, Kuala Lumpur

Who are you? My name is Stella English, Born Kenyan-Nigerian and an Irish national.I spent most of my childhood between Africa and Europe. Where, when and why did you move abroad? We left Ireland in 2003 to Singapore for my husband’s job working for an American earthmoving equipment company. I was 6.5 months pregnant. What … Read more

How To Move To Malaysia With Pets

Malaysia is a progressive melting pot of cultures and lifestyles, where tropical beauty meets modern infrastructure. This country is a land of contrasts, as its towering skyscrapers look over wooden houses that have been built on stilts and people live in harmony regardless of their race, religion or background. Its multicultural characteristics and stable economy … Read more

Malaysia – Recommended Social Media Accounts

At Expat Focus, we like to be on the lookout for resources around the web that could help prospective expats adjust to their new countries. Today, we’re taking a look at Malaysia and some of the social media accounts you should be following if you’re thinking of moving there.KL Expat MalaysiaFacebook Page | Instagram KL … Read more

A Brief Guide To The Main Religious Beliefs In Malaysia

Malaysia is a multicultural country in Southeast Asia inhabited by a population of over 31 million people. Expats find it to be a welcoming place to settle with a healthy work/life balance and a friendly culture. According to the 2016 HSBC Expat Explorer report, Malaysia ranked as the 14th best country worldwide for expats to … Read more

A Guide To The Religious Festivals Of Malaysia

Best described as a bustling and diverse melting pot of different races, Malaysia is one of the most multicultural nations that you will ever see. Its local population comprises Malay (50%), Chinese (22.6%), Indigenous (11.8%), Indian (6.7%) and other people. More than 8% of the residents are foreigners. The country is home to a huge … Read more

Merx, Selangor

Who are you? Hi there – I’m Merx, an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) in Selangor, Malaysia. I graduated as an Electronics Engineer in Mapua Institute of Technology and practiced Infocomm Technology (IT) profession as a Software Test Engineer. I’m also the author behind, a blog dedicated to traveling and narrating the life of an … Read more

Malaysia – Recommended Blogs

At Expat Focus, we like to be on the lookout for resources around the web that could help prospective expats adjust to their new countries. Today, we’re taking a look at Malaysia and some of the blogs that might be useful for expats there. Malaysian Meanders The expat adventures of a Texas family living in … Read more

Why Moving To Malaysia Will Bring You Better Career Satisfaction

Getting an offer to work in another country is bound to be a very exciting prospect. It could give you the chance to boost your profile, realize your ambitions, and build a new life for yourself as well as your loved ones. However, it is important to remember that adjusting to a foreign place isn’t … Read more

How High Is The Cost Of Living For Expats In Malaysia?

Malaysia offers excitement, adventure and opportunity for expats. A booming economy, rich culture, a high level of development and friendly locals make the country a vibrant and energetic place to live and work. There has been a long history of empires and immigration in Malaysia, making for a hectic mix of ethnic backgrounds and a … Read more

Accessing Healthcare In Malaysia As An Expat

Malaysia’s healthcare system has been ranked as the third best of 24 countries in a recent study conducted by an American publication. It outranked other places such as Spain, Italy, New Zealand, and Ireland. The success of Malaysia’s healthcare system was attributed to the expertise of its healthcare practitioners, the range of available health insurance … Read more

A Guide To Office Culture In Malaysia

Moving to a different country is a major decision and it can take a while to get accustomed to an unfamiliar culture, language and cuisine. Malaysia is a modern and multicultural country with a local population that is warm and welcoming towards foreigners. Therefore expats are not likely to experience a large degree of culture … Read more

What Are The Health Risks For Expats In Malaysia?

Before you move to Malaysia, it is advisable to consult your GP and check if there is need for any vaccinations or preventive health measures. It is best to do this at least eight weeks before you travel. It’s also important to ensure that you have the proper health insurance that can cover any medical … Read more

Moving To Malaysia – What To Expect As A New Expat

When you make the decision to move to a new country, you will face many challenges – and this will start before you make the move! Informing your friends and family will be tough and you might face opposition from quite a few people which would just serve to heighten your own uncertainties. The best … Read more

Using The Healthcare System In Malaysia – A Short Guide For Expats

The healthcare system in Malaysia is known to be of a high standard. In fact, the country is a major medical tourism destination that attracts many foreigners in need of high quality, yet affordable treatments. The healthcare system is aimed at providing care to everyone within the country, however access to such medical care may … Read more

Shopping For The First Time In Malaysia? Here’s What You Need To Know

Malaysia is a shopping destination that caters to every type of shopper. This is evident in the many malls, shops and markets in many cities and especially in the capital of Kuala Lumpur. From designer fashion to the latest in electronics, Malaysia offers it all. One of the highlights of the country’s shopping scene is … Read more

Dealing With Culture Shock In Malaysia – Some Advice For New Expats

Expats moving to Malaysia may experience some amount of culture shock in the initial period of settling down. The good news is that Malaysia is a country with a diverse and multicultural society. The locals are also friendly towards foreigners and there are many modern amenities available, which would make expats from different parts of … Read more

5 Great Golf Courses For Expats In Malaysia

Malaysia has more than 200 golf courses and has much to offer to golf enthusiasts of any skill level. The golfing experience in this Southeast Asian country ranges from the top tournaments where skill and mastery is on display, to the luxury beach resorts where one can enjoy an afternoon of recreational golf. Golf is … Read more

5 Foods You Must Try When Living In Malaysia

Spice trading in Malaysia goes all the way back to the 15th century and the country has continued its affair with spices well into modern times. Malaysian cuisine is a delightful fusion of flavors, with many overlapping gastronomic influences. It is not uncommon to find Thai curries, Chinese noodles and Indian gravy dishes in one … Read more

Foreign Talent and the Thriving Malaysian Economy

Due to strong governance, the Malaysian economy has continued to thrive and grow despite global economic downturns in the rest of the Asian world. Expats are drawn to this success, viewing the economic performance of the country as a good indication of future growth and prosperity. Many credit the recent economic good fortune to a … Read more

Top Expat Neighborhoods in Kuala Lumpur

As the federal capital and most populous city in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur has emerged as a major attraction for white-collar, Western expats throughout the years. Much like Singapore, expats from the United States and Britain are attracted to Kuala Lumpur due to its rising quality of education and health care, as well as its improving … Read more

Sarawak and Sabah: Opportunities for Expat Professionals in East Malaysia

Sarawak and Sabah comprise what is known as East Malaysia, or Malaysian Borneo. In contrast to the major industrial and commercial centers of Kuala Lumpur and Petaling, the island territory is comprised of mostly lowland rain forests and is home to just about a fifth of the total Malaysian population. Many expats that choose to … Read more

Living in Southern Malaysia – Working in Singapore

When comparing the respective lifestyles of Malaysia and Singapore, most individuals – aside from proud Malays – would probably admit that Singapore is more attractive as a cosmopolitan destination. However, the clear winner in terms of cost of living is Malaysia: among the expenses associated with Singaporean life are rental prices that are more than … Read more

What to Expect from the Malaysian Way of Life for an Expat Family

Malaysia welcomes expats with open arms and as a result, they have flocked here to enjoy the beautiful weather, affordable living and high quality of life for families. It is said to be one of the best countries in Asia for expats. Malaysia consists of two regions, Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia (separated by the … Read more

Why Malaysia is One of the Best Countries for Expats

Expats flock to Malaysia because of the beautiful weather, the affordable living costs and the landscape. Not only is Malaysia a top choice for tourists, particularly couples on their honeymoon, but it is becoming one of the best countries in Asia for expats. The South East Asian state has a long history of immigration and … Read more

Meeting People in Malaysia: Socializing and Networking Options for Expats

Though Malaysia is internationally ranked as one of the best nations in which to do business (noted elsewhere on this site), few individuals are such committed work-a-holics as to completely cut socializing out of their lives. Even those who are successful enough in their work to afford the best of the country’s amenities may still … Read more

The Cost of Living in Malaysia

With an employment rate that vacillates between 95-97%, and a low poverty rate that mirrors this state of near-total employment, the outlook for Malaysian quality of life is generally very positive. The World Bank has deemed it as the #1 nation for providing access to credit, as well as fourth overall for “protecting investors,” which … Read more

Going Official: Working Visas in Malaysia

As of 2012, Malaysia ranks 30th in the world in terms of Gross Domestic Product (with the total GDP accounting for nearly $450 billion U.S.) Both its manufacturing base and its status as the global nexus of Islam-based finance have contributed to its present-day status, while the service sector is on the rise as well. … Read more

Dr. Angelo Nino M. Santos, Penang

I’m Dr. Angelo Nino M. Santos or Doc Gelo to my students and blog readers. I am a Filipino licensed General Physician, Medical Educator and the Blogger behind Beyond Toxicity. I’ve been teaching my profession since 2004 and have been blogging since 2007 from the Philippines and when I got a chance to work as … Read more

Anabelle Co-Martinent, Kuala Lumpur

Who are you? I’m Anabelle Co-Martinent, a Chinese-Filipino expat who is living in Kuala Lumpur for 6 years now. Married to French hubby and we consider KL as our home. Mother to a lovely 3-year old little girl, enjoying my mid 30’s and trying to live life to the fullest. Where, when and why did … Read more

Monica Tindall, Kuala Lumpur

Who are you? I am an Australian who loves to eat, travel and make the most of every minute. I have lived the expatriate life for well over 15 years now, having postings in both Asia and South America. I have a special place in my heart for socially responsible organizations and like to promote … Read more

Stephen Sovie, Tanjung Tokong area of Penang

Who are you? My name is Stephen Sovie Where, when and why did you move abroad? I have always been drawn to Asia and after visiting a number of countries in Asia I decided upon Malaysia, primarily because I had a close friend here and because of the MM2H visa program. What challenges did you … Read more

Brenda, Seremban

Who are you? I am a Toronto-born, Canadian Caucasian of British descent, an English teacher, minister of the Gospel, mother of six and grandmother of eleven. My first son was born in the back seat of a car on the Mexico City autobahn. As each child came along, we just added them to our travel … Read more

Shazed, Serdang

Who are you? My name is Shazed; I am a Chemical Engineer and a husband as well. I am living in Malaysia for last 3 years and completed my postgraduate here from a top research university. This was my first expat experience and I enjoyed exploring the new country and the excellent quality of life … Read more

Jigna, Kuala Lumpur

Who are you? My name is Jigna and I head the English Department in a reputed college in Kuala Lumpur. Before this, I have taught in an International School and have headed a group of pre-schools. I have been in the education field for about 14 years now. I am married and have two school-going … Read more

Ken, Kuala Lumpur

Who are you? Hi, my name is Ken and I have been a consultant project manager for about 15 years. Where, when and why did you move abroad? In March 2011 I had just finished a really enjoyable 2 years in Sri Lanka and was eagerly looking for another Asian opportunity. So, I was really … Read more