Interview With Chuck Bolotin, Best Places In The World To Retire

Chuck, you're VP Business Development at Best Places in the World to Retire. Tell us a bit about your role – what does a day in your life look like? Thanks, Scar, for the opportunity to be interviewed for Expat Focus. It’s an honor. In broad terms, I’m responsible for bringing content to our site … Read more

Indigenous Traditions In Mexico – A Short Guide For Expats

One of the largest and most diverse indigenous communities in Latin America exists in Mexico. The indigenous population in Mexico consists of 12.7 million people that make up 13 percent of the country’s population. There are 62 languages spoken by this population. Traditionally, the indigenous communities were defined using language-based criteria, which may have led … Read more

10 Great Places To Live In Mexico

Many expats are increasingly considering Mexico as a destination, seeking a relaxed lifestyle in the sunshine. Some are seeking a break from modern life, looking for a sleepy village completely free of WiFi and hustle and bustle. Others are seeking to transplant their current lives into the Mexican landscape, living in an enclave of other … Read more

The Traditional Folk Music Of Mexico: Artists You Should Know

Although people across the world tend to view mariachi music as definitive of Mexican folk music, the country has a much richer and wider range of traditional musical styles. Even mariachi itself has a much wider range than the popular characterization of it, which tends to be a simplification and stereotyping of modern mariachi, ignoring … Read more

A Few Tips For Expats Driving In Mexico

Expats in Mexico are often worried about driving, as they have heard stories about drug cartels, crooked cops, and carjackings. While there is some basis for these stories, most of the information is greatly exaggerated. It is true that many of these problems exist, but most of it is concentrated on the back roads and … Read more

Dealing With Culture Shock In Mexico – Some Advice For New Expats

Despite Mexico’s proximity to the United States, life in Mexico is worlds apart from its northern neighbor. Yes, Mexico is a great holiday getaway with its exotic cultures and fascinating historical sites, but living in Mexico is a different story. Mexico has a rich cultural history and this means that there are plenty of regional … Read more

Moving to Mexico? Learn What Makes It Such A Great Expat Destination

There are many reasons why people relocate to Mexico. Some move for employment or business opportunities, while others move purely for personal reasons. A number of international companies even have their offices or facilities in the country and some expats move here due to job transfers. Mexico is also popular among retirees since many of … Read more

Cost of Living Facts For Expats Moving To Mexico

Mexico is not entirely the backward, impoverished nation that popular culture would make it appear to be. The Latin American country has one of the strongest economies in the region, and most of the reports of ‘Mexicans’ waiting to cross the border don’t really refer to Mexicans, but to populations from other Latin American countries. … Read more

Why Moving To Mexico Will (Probably) Make You Happier

The Better Life Index report released by the OECD rated 36 countries on areas such as income, education and health. They were also ranked on work to life balance and overall life satisfaction. Mexico scored rather low on many of these criteria, but still had among the highest scores when it came to life satisfaction. … Read more

Moving To Mexico? Read Our Expat Guide To Travelling On Public Transport

Mexico is a large country, yet it is easy to get around because of its many modes of public transport. Here is our expat guide to travelling on Mexico’s public transport system. By Metro Major cities such as Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey have their own metro systems. The Mexico City Metro system (Sistema de … Read more

A Short Expat Guide To Food And Drink In Mexico

Food is an essential aspect of Mexican culture and identity, as it plays a major role in everyday life, social occasions, business events and all celebrations. The cuisine in this country is a fusion of Mesoamerican cooking with Spanish elements. Because of the variance in geography, climate and ethnicity, food in Mexico may vary from … Read more

5 Foods You Must Try When Living In Mexico

Food is an integral part of Mexican culture. Mexican cuisine bears several influences from other countries over the years and even today it retains its unique cultural characteristics, while steadily adapting to and exploring innovations in cooking methods and flavors. The restaurants and street stalls in Mexico are storehouses of delicious and exciting dishes and … Read more

Mexico – Too Dangerous Or An Expat Paradise?

For many, moving to Mexico can seem intimidating. But despite new reports about drug-related crime and drug cartels at war with each other, there are those who still choose to live there for the purposes of either work or retirement. Living in Mexico does have its advantages, such as a lower cost of living; however, … Read more

Mexican Bus Music

by Doug Bower I’ve observed that Mexican music falls into two classes. One is very, very good; the other is so horrible that it could quite possibly induce a nervous breakdown or at least a brain tumor after forced, prolonged exposure. Listening to too much of the latter could be hazardous to your health. The … Read more

Mexican Living Survival Tip # 2 – The Language Barrier

by Doug Bower Let me begin this next column in the series with a generalized statement: The Spanish you learn in a classroom in the United States, Mexico, or in your own study from some impossibly expensive Spanish language tapes WILL NOT be the Spanish you hear in the streets of Mexico! I do not … Read more

Mexican Street Walking

by Doug Bower I cannot say whether walking the streets of all Mexican cities is the same. However, I can say to walk the streets of Guanajuato, my adopted town, one immediately becomes aware of two items. One, the reason the Spanish pitched fits trying to plan the layout of this town and two, why … Read more

Mexican Living Survival Tip # 1 – Water

by Doug Bower A typical day in the life of an American expat living in Mexico will include trying to find drinking water. You might be surprised by this but everyone knows that you cannot ‘drink the water in Mexico’. This refers to the fact that you cannot drink the tap water in Mexico. Probably … Read more

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