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Saudi Arabia > Living

Saudi Arabia

Shopping For The First Time In Saudi Arabia? Here's What You Need To Know

Image © Black Zero on Flickr
Being an expat is always a challenge, no matter how eager you are for new experiences and how willing you are to suffer confusion or discomfort. However, living in Saudi Arabia can be a particularly trying experience for some. The restrictions on most aspects of life leave very little to do outside of work, and flouting the norms is not just a question of impropriety - most restrictions have the law behind them, and the consequences of breaking t ...    more ...
Saudi Arabia

Buying Clothes In Saudi Arabia: An Introductory Guide

Saudi Arabia is a deeply conservative country that is governed by Sharia law. Saudi nationals strictly adhere to the dress code. The rules are slightly more relaxed for expats, especially within compounds, but they are expected to abide by the dress code in the public space. The traditional dress for Saudi men is the thobe, an ankle-length garment that is quite suitable for the desert climate of Saudi Arabia. It is usually white in color, but men ...    more ...
Saudi Arabia

Moving To Saudi Arabia - What To Expect As A New Expat

Moving to Saudi Arabia can be quite intimidating for anyone who has spent most of their life in a Western or liberal democratic country. It’s important that you understand the reasons behind the conservative laws and culture before you move to the country however. Being the birthplace of Islam, with its holiest sites, the nation is extremely strict when it comes to religious traditions and practices. The draconian laws and harsh punishments met ...    more ...
Saudi Arabia

Learning To Communicate With The Locals In Saudi Arabia - Some Tips For Expats

Saudi Arabia is the biggest economy in the whole of the Middle East and its lucrative job opportunities attract a multitude of expats each year. In spite of this considerable foreign population, the country remains deeply traditional and the society is marked by strict rules pertaining to religion and culture, which even foreign residents are expected to follow. So just how does one explore the local culture and communicate with people in a count ...    more ...
Saudi Arabia

Staying Safe In Saudi Arabia As An Expat

Saudi Arabia is a land of stark contradictions, widely misunderstood and often misrepresented. While a lot that you’ve heard about Saudi Arabia is probably true, most of it needs to be taken in context to the cultural and religious identity of the nation. No one would make the move to Saudi Arabia for greater freedom or to feel safe, the driving force is always monetary gain, and Saudi is a great place to get rich pretty quick. If you wish to f ...    more ...
Saudi Arabia

Make The Most Of Your Time In Saudi Arabia - 5 Things To Try Before Returning Home

Saudi Arabia has the biggest economy in the Middle East, and expats often move there for lucrative job opportunities and business purposes. In spite of a considerable international population, Saudi Arabia has a deeply traditional culture that is governed by strict rules and regulations. However, there are some unique and rewarding experiences to be had in the country, and expats should try them at least once before they return home.

The sho ...    more ...
Saudi Arabia

A Few Tips For Expats Driving In Saudi Arabia

Even though the Public Transport system in Saudi Arabia is quite advanced, most residents own a vehicle and prefer to drive around, which is why there is one car for every four people. As compared to other countries, gas in Saudi Arabia is very reasonably priced. Moreover, the road network and infrastructure in Saudi Arabia is second to none. Some of the inter-city highways have up to eight lanes to accommodate the flow of traffic. Overpasses, un ...    more ...
Saudi Arabia

5 Things You Should Know Before Moving To Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is the biggest economy in the Middle East and every year many foreigners move to the country for business purposes.

But Saudi Arabia is a country governed by rather strict rules and observances and adjusting to its culture and lifestyle may take some time. However there are benefits for the many expats who live there, such as tax-free salaries, good housing and a low cost of living. If you’re an expat thinking about moving to Sa ...    more ...
Saudi Arabia

Dealing With Culture Shock In Saudi Arabia - Some Advice For New Expats

Saudi Arabia is a conservative country with deep religious roots. Since the culture here is so vastly different from western countries, expats may take some time to adjust. While culture shock may be uncomfortable, it does wear off and in the meantime it’s important to stay positive and willing to explore a new way of life.

One of the best ways to deal with culture shock is learn as much as you can about the new place and its people. Here a ...    more ...
Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s ‘Unwritten’ Constitution

Perhaps the closest analog to a constitution in Saudi Arabia is its Basic Law, a document divided into nine chapters and a total of 83 articles. Interestingly enough, this places Saudi Arabia in very limited company, which includes the United Kingdom and Israel (though the 1948 Israeli Declaration of Independence states that one should be written, one has never been formalized). Though UK membership in the European Union has complicated its own i ...    more ...

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