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Want To Raise Happy Children? Move To Sweden

(c) Pezibear on Pixabay
Leading the expat life can have several ups and downs for a family with young children. On the one hand, the little ones get to learn about a new culture and lead a novel lifestyle as they grow up, but on the other, they may feel alienated in a foreign land without the support of their family, friends, and teachers.    more ...

Why Is Sweden The Best Destination For Expat Families?

No country in the world is perfect, but for many people around the world, the Scandinavian countries – and Sweden in particular – come closest to perfection. The great natural beauty, the quality of infrastructure and public services, the stable, developed economy and high incomes, the combination of individualism and minimal government interference with a strong sense of community and social responsibility, and many other factors make Sweden ...    more ...

Why Sweden Is The Best Place To Be An Expat

Image © Let Ideas Compete on Flickr
Expats love Sweden for many reasons. It is a land of great natural beauty with its beautiful coastline, forests and lakes. Famously, the country also hasn’t been at war since 1814. On a more mundane but nonetheless important level, expats can receive quality universal healthcare during their stay here. There’s also the advantage of free education; even university education in Sweden is subsidized. The country is also characterized by the leas ...    more ...

Fed Up Of Life In Sweden As An Expat? Try These Suggestions

Image ©  Béatrice Karjalainen on Flickr
Sweden is a prominent Scandinavian country that has been attracting immigrants from across the globe for decades due to its high standards of living. In the last few years, many expats from around the world have settled down in the land of Vikings.

However, living in any foreign country for a long period can get to you, especially if you don’t have family or friends nearby. Moreover, Sweden is prone to dark and cold winters, and at times yo ...    more ...

5 Places You Might Want To Move To In Sweden But Have Probably Never Heard Of

Image © Maria Eklind on Flickr
As an expat in Sweden, you can expect to receive some of the best social benefits in the world. Some of these include comprehensive healthcare at very low costs, five weeks' paid vacation for employed individuals, generous parental leave and guaranteed state pension along with employment-based pension.

But the advantages of living in Sweden don’t stop there.    more ...

What Is It Like To Live And Work In Rural Sweden?

Sweden is becoming quite a popular destination for expats because of its living standards, economy, technology, nature, infrastructure and values. This country offers foreigners the possibility of a wholesome and well-balanced lifestyle. However, the cost of living in Stockholm (the capital) as well as some of the other major cities can be quite high. Expats often find Sweden more expensive than their home countries.

To cut down on expenses, ...    more ...

Make The Most Of Your Time In Sweden - 5 Things To Try Before Returning Home

Sweden is an expat hotspot for many reasons. The social benefits that residents receive are among the best in the world. There are high taxes to be paid, but since this is a country where you get your money’s worth, most expats don’t mind it. The Swedish public transportation is known to be one of the most comprehensive systems across all countries. The weather offers the best of both worlds. Winters are the time for a myriad of fun activitie ...    more ...

5 Experiences You Must Try As an Expat In Sweden

Sweden has something for everyone, quite literally. It’s one of the most liberal countries in Europe, and the Swedes are champions of human rights. Whether you’re a religious, cultural, ethnic or sexual minority, you can rest assured that you will feel right at home in Sweden. The Swedes are also extremely environment-friendly, and take great pains to conserve their country’s resources and protect its natural habitat. There’s a huge amoun ...    more ...

A Short Expat Guide To Food And Drink In Sweden

Swedish cuisine is laden with many regional differences. The northern region is known for its meat dishes, while the people of the south consume varieties of fresh vegetables. Traditional Swedish dishes are prepared through simple methods and use a lot of contrasting flavors. Food in Sweden is also inspired by several foreign influences over the years.


The smorgasbord has been a popular Swedish tradition every since the early 18th ...    more ...

Why Moving To Sweden Will (Probably) Make You Happier

Sweden is the fifth best place to live in the world, says the 2013 World Happiness Report. This may be at least partly behind the fact that the country remains a popular destination for expats. Sweden is a land of natural beauty and high technology; it lays great emphasis on cultural traditions, and accommodates ultra-liberal values at the same time. Expats are drawn to the many benefits of living in Sweden, such as increasing economic opportunit ...    more ...

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