Expat Education In The USA

Considering your expat life in the USA? Expert education consultant Stephen Spriggs of William Clarence Education continues to guide us, via our series of features on expat life. Whether you are at the considering stage or researching and planning, this feature will give you useful information on what you can expect from a USA move.International … Read more

Why The US Has The World’s Top Universities

How is it that the US seems to have the lion’s share of the world’s most prestigious universities? The QS World University Rankings 2018, for instance, feature five American institutions in the top 10, and 11 in the top 20. For that matter, the top four global universities are all based in the US (in … Read more

Studying in the US? Here’s What You Need To Know Before You Go

Every year, thousands of people travel to different destinations in the world for leisure, work and study. A vast majority of this population comprises students who are travelling overseas for a better education. One of the most popular destinations for students is the United States of America. Since the early 1990s, the US has been … Read more