How To Rent Or Buy Property In Australia

Australia is a country that’s known for its combination of urbanised cities and natural wonders. Whether it’s the outback, the Great Barrier Reef, or the shopping malls, there’s always somewhere to go in this beautiful country. Perhaps then it’s no wonder that it performs so well in quality of living surveys, such as the one … Read more

How To Get A Mortgage As An Expat In Australia

Australia has long been a popular choice for expats, particularly the British, given the long-shared history with our former colony, which is still part of the Commonwealth. Thanks to its sunny climate and high standard of living, Australia is top of the list for many expats wanting to make a new life.If you’re considering a … Read more

Floods and the Brisbane Property Market

by Tracie HocartResidential Property Solutions I was only 4 years old when the 1974 floods swept through Queensland and I really can’t remember a lot about the actual event, apart from the fact that there were a lot of the round plastic garbage cans (common at the time) floating around the streets. Following that time, … Read more

Putting The Home Buyer First In Australia

by Tracie HocartResidential Property Solutions Buying a home or investment property can be hard work in your own suburb let alone in a suburb somewhere on the other side of the world. When buying property, usually the most expensive purchase in your lifetime, talking to a professional is important. Not just the real estate agent … Read more

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