How To Apply For A Visa In Costa Rica

Whether or not you need a visa in order to enter Costa Rica depends on your nationality or country of residence, the purpose of your visit, and how long you are planning to stay. If you are unsure about whether or not you require a visa, you can check the requirements by country on the … Read more

How To Obtain Residency In Costa Rica

Costa Rica is an increasingly popular destination for expats. With spectacular tropical landscapes gliding down into two oceans, this isthmus state offers sun, sea and a peaceful pace of life.Of course, if you have large amounts of cash, it helps that the country is also seen as a tax friendly location. While not strictly a … Read more

Legal Aspects To Consider When Relocating To Costa Rica

by Federico Altamura Arce Alpha Legal Over the past decade Costa Rica has attracted thousand of expatriates that are enchanted by its natural wonders and by the relaxed lifestyle of our people. I share the same amusement and truly think that we are very fortunate, living in the happiest country in the planet with no … Read more

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