Should You Rent In Croatia Before Becoming A Citizen?

There is an endless list of things to plan when it comes to moving house, let alone country! Expats who are planning a move will almost all be thinking about where to live, and some may also be concerned with citizenship. It’s not often that these two subjects go hand in hand, so the question … Read more

Moving To Croatia? Don’t Get Tied Up By The Red Tape

Croatia is a relatively young country full of potential. With its stunning coastlines, rugged mountain peaks and dense forests, it’s undoubtedly a beautiful place. However, in recent years Croatia has struggled due to slow economic growth as well as an infrastructure that’s been dragging its heels and is in drastic need of an overhaul. Politicians … Read more

Moving To Croatia – What To Expect As A New Expat

Although Croatia has grown in popularity as a tourist destination over the last decade, it still isn’t among the most popular expat locations in the world, or even in Europe. However, there is a small expat community here, and although most expats tend to live in Croatia only temporarily, more people are starting to see … Read more

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