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Czech Republic > Living

Czech Republic

9 Reasons To Choose Prague As Your Next Expat Destination

Not every expat is eager to move once and then stay put. There are expats who are constantly looking for their next destination. The rich, varied influences from different places are what constitute their expat lives. Experiences are what these expats are looking for. Yet there are so many questions that are to be answered before deciding on the next destination.    more ...
Czech Republic

5 Foods You Must Try When Living In The Czech Republic

If food excites you and you’ve just decided that you’re moving to the Czech Republic, you can rest assured that you will have a good time, especially if you eat meat. Czech food today has a strong focus on meats, and there’s a rich and varied array of foods available, influenced not only by Czech traditions but by those of the Czech Republic’s neighbours – Germany, Austria, Slovakia, and Poland. Access to great food is incredibly easy t ...    more ...
Czech Republic

A Few Tips for Expats Driving In the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is an extremely popular expat destination because of its high standards of living with reasonable costs. The country has an excellent public transport network, but driving is often the most convenient way to get around the country. Choosing to drive in the Czech Republic is a decision you shouldn’t make lightly however, as it has one of the highest rates of traffic accidents in central Europe. Driving laws are also extremely ...    more ...
Czech Republic

Dealing With Culture Shock In The Czech Republic - Some Advice For New Expats

The Czech Republic is known for its open and friendly culture. Due to the country’s strategic location in Central Europe, it has been influenced by many other cultures too. The people speak a Slavic language, but are also influenced by European and western economic and social trends. However every country has its own unique customs and practices, and expats will encounter this first-hand as they begin to settle down here. Here’s what new expa ...    more ...
Czech Republic

5 Experiences You Must Try As An Expat In The Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a land of fairy tale castles, delicious cuisine and fine beer. There are numerous things to do here, but if we really had to pare it down to just five must-have experiences, we’d choose these:

Concert in a cave

The Kateřinská Caves were named after a shepherdess, Catherine, who, according to local legend, found the cave while looking for her lost sheep. Situated in the heart of the Moravian Karst, it is about 2 ...    more ...

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