How To Rent Or Buy Property In Hong Kong

Hong Kong is densely populated, and property there is expensive. You can find various types of accommodation, from small apartments to luxury serviced villas, but there are comparatively few houses. Historically, expats have favoured the Mid Levels on Hong Kong Island, but they are now seeking cheaper accommodation further afield. Luxury complexes, with gyms, pools … Read more

State of the Property Market in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong property market is vibrant, just like the city itself. With the Hong Kong dollar pegged to the US dollar, the property market somewhat follows US trends. At the very low current interest rates, along with very low supply, housing demand and prices are high. It is possible for an expat to buy … Read more

Lack of Living Space in Hong Kong Homes – What To Expect

In our previous article on the cost of living in Hong Kong we note that the annual living quarters allowance for US government expats in Hong Kong is a range around $100,000 (US). This translates to a monthly rate for rent/utilities of $7K to $10K, which would provide luxury living in most parts of the … Read more

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