How To Open A Bank Account In Malaysia

Finding reliable and trustworthy banking services is an important part of living and working abroad, and expats will find that, in most countries, a range of options are available. You may well wish to maintain a bank account at home, for paying bills and other activities, but you will probably also need a local bank … Read more

How High Is The Cost Of Living For Expats In Malaysia?

Malaysia offers excitement, adventure and opportunity for expats. A booming economy, rich culture, a high level of development and friendly locals make the country a vibrant and energetic place to live and work. There has been a long history of empires and immigration in Malaysia, making for a hectic mix of ethnic backgrounds and a … Read more

The Cost of Living in Malaysia

With an employment rate that vacillates between 95-97%, and a low poverty rate that mirrors this state of near-total employment, the outlook for Malaysian quality of life is generally very positive. The World Bank has deemed it as the #1 nation for providing access to credit, as well as fourth overall for “protecting investors,” which … Read more

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