How To Register For Healthcare In Malaysia

Malaysia has a two-tier healthcare system, consisting of a public scheme alongside a private health sector, but your options as an expat will be limited when it comes to public healthcare. We will look at those options below. Malaysia does not have a national health insurance scheme as such, and the current system is not … Read more

What Quality Of Healthcare Can You Expect In Malaysia?

Malaysia has a two tier system of healthcare. Overall, healthcare in the country, both in the public and the private sector, is of a high quality. Malaysia is a growing destination for medical tourism, such as for dental and optical treatments, and more private clinics have been springing up in recent years. Health in Malaysia … Read more

How To Register With The Health System In Malaysia

Malaysia is currently a destination for medical tourism, and you can find a high standard of healthcare in its private sector. Government-sponsored healthcare is also deemed to be of a good quality there.As an expat, your options for accessing government-sponsored healthcare under national health insurance will be limited, since Malaysia does not run such a … Read more

How To Keep Your Health Insurance Costs Low In Malaysia

Malaysia does not run a national health insurance scheme, as such, for expats, so you will have three options. You can access public healthcare, which you can pay for either out of pocket or through your existing international health insurance; you can use private clinics, which you can again pay for either out of pocket … Read more

How To Keep Fit And Healthy In Malaysia

It is not difficult to keep fit and well in Malaysia. From jungle trekking and trail hiking to cycling and watersports, there are many forms of exercise available. We will look at some of your options below.If you are living in Malaysia, it would be a shame not to make the most of the country’s … Read more

Dental And Ophthalmic Care In Malaysia: How To Find The Right Options For You

Malaysia has limited national health insurance provision, and most of the cover that does exist applies neither to expats nor to dental and ophthalmic care. You therefore have the options of accessing public treatment and paying out of pocket, or via your private insurer, or of using the private sector.Costs will be competitive in comparison … Read more

Accessing Healthcare In Malaysia As An Expat

Malaysia’s healthcare system has been ranked as the third best of 24 countries in a recent study conducted by an American publication. It outranked other places such as Spain, Italy, New Zealand, and Ireland. The success of Malaysia’s healthcare system was attributed to the expertise of its healthcare practitioners, the range of available health insurance … Read more

What Are The Health Risks For Expats In Malaysia?

Before you move to Malaysia, it is advisable to consult your GP and check if there is need for any vaccinations or preventive health measures. It is best to do this at least eight weeks before you travel. It’s also important to ensure that you have the proper health insurance that can cover any medical … Read more

Using The Healthcare System In Malaysia – A Short Guide For Expats

The healthcare system in Malaysia is known to be of a high standard. In fact, the country is a major medical tourism destination that attracts many foreigners in need of high quality, yet affordable treatments. The healthcare system is aimed at providing care to everyone within the country, however access to such medical care may … Read more

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