How To Apply For A Visa In Oman

Oman is a popular destination for expat workers, particularly those who work in the construction and oil industries, but there are restrictions on how far overseas personnel can integrate into Omani society. For example, foreigners are not granted citizenship and cannot own property. If you are looking to visit Oman, you will need a visa. … Read more

What Might Oman’s Freezing Of Expat Visas Mean For You?

In recent years, the Gulf states have been an oasis of expat jobs in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Oman and Yemen have transformed themselves from hostile deserts to business hotspots, drawing in the world’s top talent with generous remuneration packages.Huge numbers of expats settled in Gulf states, making themselves an integral part … Read more

Will The Omanisation Drive Affect You?

Tucked away on the southeastern corner of the Arabian Peninsula, the Sultanate of Oman is the most welcoming monarchy of the Middle East. In a time where the other nations in the region are going through political, economic and civic crises, this developing oasis has managed to steer clear of all the mayhem. While it … Read more

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