Health Insurance In Spain: A Guide For American Expats

Moving abroad is a tricky proposition from all angles, but healthcare is one of the main worries people state when they are considering making an intercontinental move. If you’re moving from the USA to Spain, you might be wondering about the quality of healthcare available, how to sign up to the healthcare system there, and … Read more

How To Get The Covid Vaccine As An Expat In Spain

If you are an expat in Spain, you are likely to be wondering about how your status affects your place in Spain’s Covid vaccination programme. Will you be entitled to the vaccine, and what will it depend on? Do you need to be registered with the public healthcare system (Convenio Especial), and what happens if … Read more

What Do The Changes To Spain’s Healthcare System Mean For You?

Spain is known for having one of the best healthcare systems in the world, and is ranked as one of the top European countries for numbers of doctors per capita; it currently has around four doctors per 1,000 residents. Until now, Spain has operated both a state healthcare system, paid for in part by social … Read more

An Expat Guide To Private Healthcare In Spain

Spain spends more money than neighboring European countries on its public health, at around 10% of its GDP. Hospitals and health services are of good quality and some offer both public and private healthcare. It is vital to state which service you require beforehand to avoid being left with a hefty bill.There are many reasons … Read more

Expat Retirees In Spain May Have To Pay More For Their Medicine

Spain is one of the most popular retirement destinations in the world for several reasons. The Spanish lifestyle is a major attraction for retirees. Living in Spain enables you to savor life by taking the time to enjoy life’s simple pleasures. It is common to see people strolling on the streets or enjoying time with … Read more

An Overview Of Basic Healthcare For Expats In Spain

Public healthcare The public healthcare system in Spain has recently been rated one of the world’s best. Waiting times are low and there are four general practitioners to every one thousand people. Expats living and working in Spain can expect free healthcare providing they pay their social security contributions, which is obligatory. The Spanish social … Read more

Health Care In Spain

Moving to Spain usually involves a few of basic activities such as learning Spanish, looking for a job (if outplacement was not the reason for moving), finding a new house and a looking for a proper school for your children. Once accomplished, you will experience you are not only living in a different country, but … Read more

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