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Moving To Spain? Learn From Other People's Mistakes

Many people spend a long time before a big move weighing up the pros and cons – fretting about making mistakes or whether they will be happy in their new home. Whether they’ll be able to pick up a new language, whether they’ll make friends, whether the kids will get on ok in a new school. There are so many factors to take into consideration that it can be an overwhelming time. You’ll often hear vastly different stories from people who hav ...    more ...

What To Do In Spain This Summer

If you’re planning on relocating to Spain, you may be looking forward to the finer things in life - sunshine, food, drink. And the beach! Plenty of newcomers look forward to hitting the beaches in a Spanish summer, but if you’re not a fan of large crowds and you happen to live in a city such as Barcelona, it can be far from a relaxing experience, to say the least.    more ...

How To Rent An Apartment In Barcelona

Barcelona is a hotspot destination for many expats and students alike. Plenty of people come here on a short-term basis and never want to leave. One of the things that you may be unsure of when you first arrive, particularly if you don’t speak Spanish or have any contacts in the city, is how to go about renting somewhere to live.    more ...

Is Barcelona Finally Growing Sick Of Expats?

Barcelona is a famously bright and vibrant city, from its beautiful historic Gothic Quarter to the stunning iconic building of Sagrada Familia; from the Gaudi buildings and Park Guell to the plethora of art museums, as well as the beach where local people and expats blow off steam after work with a game of volleyball. The Catalan culture is a distinct one, and the pace of life easy-going. The food is delectable: paella, tapas, Iberian meats, Crem ...    more ...

Living In Catalunya - How Might The Political Situation Affect You?

Following the events of last year, many expats have been wondering where they stand in the political situation surrounding the bid for Catalan independence. Expats considering moving to the province in Northeastern Spain for the first time are often confused by the long-running dispute and how this may impact their lives should they make the move.    more ...

Are Solar Panels Worth Installing In Spain?

Following the Spanish government’s move a couple of years ago to crack down on households generating their own solar power, switching to the renewable energy has generally been seen as not being viable for the average individual.    more ...

Why Madrid May Be The Best European City For Expats

(c) josemdelaa on Pixabay
The commercial and political center of Spain, Madrid lies right in the heart of the country. Since it is centrally located, it is easy to come and go as you please. From Madrid, it becomes easy to travel to any location within Europe.

The third largest capital in Europe, Madrid is an important hub for commerce and finance, but doesn’t have the fast paced lifestyle that is associated with other capitals of the world such as London and Paris. ...    more ...

British Expat Moving To Spain? Don't Get Tangled In Red Tape!

For many years, sunny Spain has been a favorite destination of expats from all over the world, mainly because of its welcoming weather, pristine coastline, breathtaking scenery, mouthwatering cuisine, and hospitable people. From fast-paced cosmopolitan cities to a laidback rural lifestyle, this European country has a lot to offer everyone in terms of living standards and cultural experiences. British students, entrepreneurs, businesspeople and re ...    more ...

Interview with Barry O'Leary

Barry O'Leary
Barry, you're a British expat currently living in Spain. Tell us a bit about yourself and what prompted you to move abroad.

The main reason I came to Seville was to pick up Spanish, learn the guitar, and continue my teaching English career. I got a whole lot more than that though. I quickly met a Spanish lady (who was my student, she was 21 and I was 25) and she pinned me down and made me stay here. I tried to escape several times, but I gu ...    more ...

Ten Dishes You Need To Try If You've Recently Moved To Barcelona

(c) Christine Zenino on Flickr
Barcelona is the capital city of Catalonia and one of the biggest, most populous cities in Spain. With its vibrant mix of tradition and modernity, history and cutting-edge technology, of and culture, it’s a major draw to tourists and expats alike.

There’s plenty of Spanish and Catalan culture for expats to explore in Barcelona, from its historic architecture to the live music scene, as well as the beaches and nightlife.    more ...

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