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United States

How To Lease A Car As An Expat In The USA

America is known as the land of the automobile, and for anyone who has spent time in the States, the reasons for this are obvious. It’s an enormous country, and settlements are still set wide apart from one another, particularly by European standards. You may remember the old joke about 100 years being a long time in America and 100 miles a long way in Britain! The USA has a good rail network, although it’s such a huge country that many peopl ...    more ...
United States

Expats In The USA: Recommended Books To Make Your Life Easier

Are you the process of setting up a new life in the USA, or finding your groove after a recent arrival? Not all reading has to be about health insurance and visas!    more ...
United States

Interview With Claude Koehl, Author, The American Way Of Life

Claude, you've recently written a book called The American Way of Life. Tell us about the book and its aims.

The goal of my new book is manifold:

a. Introduce newcomers to some of the idiosyncrasies of American culture

b. Help foreigners adapt and integrate their new host culture better

c. Make American readers more aware of their own (unconscious) cultural bias.    more ...
United States

Moving To A Tornado Zone In The USA? Read This First!

More than 1,200 tornadoes occur in the USA each year, a greater number than in any other country in the world. About $10 billion of damage is caused annually by these violent whirlwinds, which reach from the base of a thunderstorm down to the ground. If you are moving to a tornado zone, you need to plan for these potential emergencies, get insurance, and keep up to date with local weather conditions.    more ...
United States

A Guide To Fourth Of July Celebrations For Expats In The USA

(c) jill111 on Pixabay
The American Independence Day, or Declaration of Independence, is celebrated on the Fourth of July every year. It was on July 4, 1776 that the United States of America was born as an independent nation.    more ...
United States

5 Fantastic Road Trips For Expats In The USA

(c) vitavalka on Pixabay
There is so much to see, do and experience in the United States of America, and a road trip is an excellent way to enjoy the beauty as well as the culture of this country. These journeys are a great way to soak in the sights of sparkling waters, breathtaking mountains, natural forests, seasonal foliage, and historic structures. Hitting an open road is one of the greatest pleasures for someone who loves driving, regardless of the destination. The ...    more ...
United States

An Expat Guide To Tipping In The US

(c) Wonderlane on Flickr
One of the most frequent questions expats in the United States find themselves asking is simple: Why am I expected to tip for services? Tipping in the US has a relatively short history, and its necessity is linked to the wage laws surrounding workers, particularly servers, in restaurants. In the US, it is considered polite to tip at least 10% of your overall bill, even if the service was poor. If the service met your expectations, 20% is expected ...    more ...
United States

How Living The American Dream Can Turn Into An Expat Nightmare

The American Dream, rooted in the Declaration of Independence, proclaims that all men have been created equal and have the right to life, liberty, equality as well as the pursuit of happiness. In the past, this ideal only applied to white men; however, it has undergone a significant change over a period of time. Today, men, women and children in the United States of America are entitled to these rights, regardless of their race, color, nationalit ...    more ...
United States

An Expat Guide To The Cuisine In New Orleans And Five Restaurants You Should Try

New Orleans, the birthplace of jazz, is also one of the culinary capitals of the United States. The city is nothing less than paradise for any food lover. This vibrant Louisiana city has an eclectic cuisine that is unique, colorful, hearty and flavorsome, to say the least. The traditional recipes are a strong reflection of its Cajun, French and Creole roots. Many preparations are strongly influenced by soul food too since the Creoles were of mixe ...    more ...
United States

Expats And The Election: A Selection Of Viewpoints

With over 8 millions expats living outside of America, the absentee votes cast in the 2016 Presidential election could make a large difference to the outcome. With essential topics of immigration, healthcare and the effects this changing landscape could have on businesses, the thoughts and opinions of many individuals who have chosen to make their homes on distant shores are an interesting snapshot onto the possible election outcome.    more ...

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