How Will Changes To Australia’s 457 Visa Affect Expats?

Australia has for many years been a top destination for expats wanting to exploit work and lifestyle opportunities, but for many their future dreams ‘down under’ may be curtailed. That’s because the country has unveiled plans to abolish the 457 visa programme which is aimed at attracting skilled migrants to the country. The 457 visa […]

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Moving To Australia – What To Expect As A New Expat

Australia has a large population of foreign residents and continues to draw expats to its shores every year. It is a country rich in natural beauty and its major cities rank among the top twenty in the world when it comes to quality of life. But moving to any country has its ups and downs […]

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Recommended Reading For Expats Moving To Australia

Australia has always attracted expats to its shores because of the high quality of life and lucrative opportunities. For those who’ve already made the decision to pack up and move down under, here is some recommended reading that will help you plan your stay and also prepare you for what’s in store. Moving To Australia: […]

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Shipping Your Stuff to Australia

Container shipping to Australia is the preferred way for immigrants to get their belongings “down under” on time and in one piece. There are many companies specializing in container shipping to Australia, but only a handful which are reliable and reputable. Considering the large distance of shipping to Australia, choosing an experienced company should be […]

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Immigrating Down Under – Starting a New Life in Australia

by Sarah Muxlow It was a big move to leave Europe; home, family, friends and ties. We decided to do it and two years on we are enjoying the new life we have here, on the far side of the world. We moved because we wanted to give our children the opportunity to appreciate space, […]

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