How To Live In Bahrain After You’ve Retired

The mystical Middle East has been an expat magnet for decades, thanks to the earning potential it presents to people from all across the globe. When taking up career opportunities in this region, skilled professionals can demand impressive reimbursement packages and live a life of luxury as they work towards an early retirement fund.Many people … Read more

An Expat Guide To The Local Cuisine In Bahrain

With a huge expat population, it’s easy to find a restaurant to suit most tastes, but it’s worth trying the local Bahraini delicacies too. One of the most popular – and a ‘must try’ for all expats – is muhammar. This sweet rice dish is seasoned with dates, molasses and spices and eaten with grilled … Read more

What Is It Like To Live And Work In Bahrain?

Bahrain has been an expat hotspot for decades. In fact, the expat population outnumbers the locals. Bahrain is located at the heart of the Persian Gulf and is a commercial and cultural hub of the region. Its population is nearly 1.3 million, and even though it is a small sovereign state, it is the fourth … Read more

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