How To Open A Bank Account In Belgium

Serving as the main seat of the European Parliament, Belgium has more to offer than just delicious waffles, which is perhaps why so many expats choose to call the country home. If you’re looking to join them, there’s lots to consider, including with regard to your finances. This article will take you through everything you … Read more

An Expat Guide To Taxes In Belgium

As well as the waffles, fries, chocolate and beer, Belgium is famous for its high taxes. However, if you understand the rules that apply, you can plan your financial affairs accordingly. Here, we set out the important basics to consider.What Is Your Tax Status In Belgium? If you are living or working in Belgium, you … Read more

Managing Your Money As An Expat In Belgium

Belgium has a considerable expat population and much of it is concentrated in the capital city of Brussels, which is also the de facto capital of the European Union. There are approximately 10.8 million people living in Belgium and of these, nearly 13 percent were not actually born there. The expat community comprises of businesspeople, … Read more

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