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9 Reasons Why You Should Consider Brussels As Your Next Expat Home

Brussels, the capital of Belgium, is also known as the Capital of Europe as it is the administrative center of the European Union. Growing from a tiny rural settlement along the river Senne, Brussels has now become a vital destination in Europe.    more ...

Why Young Expats Are Choosing Belgium As Their Favourite Destination

(c) jeviscachee on Instagram
So much of what we write on this site relates to exotic, far -flung places. We debate the merits of Costa Rica’s beaches, the nightlife of Singapore and how to get ahead in Hong Kong’s bustling business world.    more ...

An Expat Guide To The Neighbourhoods Of Brussels

Belgium’s cosmopolitan capital is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful, interesting and vibrant places across the globe. Famous for its chocolate, diamonds, beer, waffles and frites (avoid calling them French Fries or you may offend the locals), Brussels has become the center of political, cultural and international activities in Europe.

This dynamic city has a lot to offer, in terms of things to learn about, see and do, for people of all ...    more ...

Where To Find The Best Fries In Brussels

(c) emsmith on Unsplash
The humble frit is as steeped in history as it is in oil and fat, with tales of the origins of Belgian fries stretching back to the 17th century. As the story goes, it all begins during the harsh winters in areas surrounding the river Meuse in the southern part of the country. When the river froze over, locals were not able to catch their usual fare of small fish and in stead took to cutting potatoes into the shape of fish and frying them - and s ...    more ...

Belgian Festivals To Keep You Busy In 2017

(c) David Edgar on Wikipedia
Belgium is a little country that packs a lot of punch when it comes to the world of festivals and events. With an impressive array of options ranging from film to food, from music to the downright quirky (dragon slaying or a bathtub regatta, anyone?), there truly is something for everyone.

As well as having a good time, attending these kinds of events is a great opportunity to immerse yourself in Belgian culture, get to know the character of ...    more ...

A Guide For Expats Moving To Belgium

(c) Juhanson on Wikipedia
There's also a lot of culture, history and art in Belgium so there is always something to do, with lots of festivals, theatres and museums. Let’s not forget the country is also renowned for its chocolate and beer.

While English is widely spoken, expats need to appreciate that there are two official languages; Dutch is spoken by 60% of the population while 40% speak French. German is also spoken by a small minority of people who are located o ...    more ...

Eleven Dishes You Should Try In Belgium That Don't Involve Chocolate

(c) Eric Chan on Wikipedia
Belgium is a trilingual country with France, Germany and the Netherlands as its neighbors. In some regions, the cuisine is influenced by classic French cooking, while in other areas, hearty German-style food dominates. Many of the savory and sweet delicacies have a distinct Dutch influence too. Belgium’s culinary offerings are rich and satisfying, and there are a number of unique national dishes. You can also find internationally popular fare s ...    more ...

Belgium's Major Cities: Which One Should You Move To?

Belgium is most widely known for its delicious chocolates, many varieties of beer and French fries. But the country has so much more to offer. Belgium has not one, but three official languages – Dutch, German and French. The nation’s constitution is also trilingual, on account of the different languages and communities. Belgium is home to several international organizations, as well as European Union institutions.    more ...

Ten Of The Best Recreational Activities In Belgium

Image © Sandeep Pawar
Living in a new country presents many opportunities for change; career, lifestyle, housing and finances being some of the main aspects people overhaul when moving abroad. But as well as the more prosaic aspects of life, moving also provides a chance to find new hobbies and recreational activities.

We asked Françoise Haffreingue from which activities she would recommend for people who have recently moved to the country. ...    more ...

Top Ten Insider Tips About Brussels

Brussels bears the impressive reputation of being the de facto capital of Europe. This modern and cosmopolitan city is the abode of the institutions of the European Union and is the home of many diplomats, politicians and civil servants. The city’s place in global politics may be known the world over, but how much do we know about day-to-day life in Brussels? Here are some helpful insider tips for expats who will be making this city their new h ...    more ...

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