How To Obtain Planning Permission In Bulgaria

At first glance, Bulgaria is a tempting place to buy a property to live in or as an investment. You can get a lot for your money and there are plenty of dilapidated, crumbling houses you can pick up for a low cost. However, before you change your job title to International Property Developer, you … Read more

Renovating A Rural Property In Bulgaria

Moving to a new house comes with a lot of strain and pressure, more so if you have set out to turn an old dilapidated building into your dream home. Many people dream of revamping an old farmhouse and turning it into a beautiful home. In Bulgaria, not only is the cost of rural property … Read more

Should You Buy Or Build A House In Bulgaria?

Bulgaria is a great place to live in because it is rather centrally located on the continent, having shared borders with countries like Greece, Turkey and Romania. It is only a night train or bus ride away from Austria, Italy, Hungary, Croatia and Slovakia. The country itself is a land of beauty with its scenic … Read more

Where Are The Latest Expat Property Hotspots In Bulgaria?

Bulgaria is increasingly becoming a popular destination for permanent living, as seen by the statistics of the British Embassy in the country, which states that there are now approximately 3000 British expats residing in Bulgaria. More than 20 percent of these have taken up permanent residence in Veliko Tarnovo and Gabrovo. These regions draw expats … Read more

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