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Czech Republic > Health

Useful Link: Czech Republic health insurance guide
Czech Republic

How Does Cancer Care In The Czech Republic Compare With The UK?

Cancer care in the Czech Republic is excellent, particularly in Prague, where the Proton Therapy Centre is proving to be a growing destination for medical tourists from nearby countries such as Germany, Austria and the UK.    more ...
Czech Republic

How To Keep Fit And Healthy In The Czech Republic

Moving abroad inevitably has an effect on your lifestyle. Even if you have always had an excellent health and fitness routine, finding yourself transplanted from your home country into a place you don’t know — and where you might not even speak the local language — can make it difficult to keep up good habits.    more ...
Czech Republic

What Options Are Available For Chronically Ill Expats Living In The Czech Republic?

The state health system in the Czech Republic provides a high level of care, and many expats opt not to take out private cover when they move there. The main reasons for adding private insurance are reducing wait times and making sure you will see a doctor who speaks English.    more ...
Czech Republic

Maternity Care In The Czech Republic: What The Options Are And How To Decide On A Birth Plan

Standards of maternity care in the Czech Republic are high, and both pre- and post-natal care are provided free of charge through the state’s healthcare system. Infant mortality rates are very low and continue to drop each year.    more ...
Czech Republic

Prescriptions In The Czech Republic: What Is Available And How To Get Your Medications

The Czech Republic has a high standard of healthcare, and doctors there should be able to help you get the medication you need once you have arrived.    more ...
Czech Republic

What Quality Of Healthcare Can You Expect In The Czech Republic?

The quality of healthcare in the Czech Republic is generally very high. It consistently ranks top among Central European countries, and often shows up in the top locations in the world. For this reason, it is becoming a popular destination for medical tourism, and since the early 2000s the government has been bringing in measures to ensure that this does not place too much of a strain on the public health system.    more ...
Czech Republic

How To Keep Your Health Insurance Costs Low In The Czech Republic

The Czech Republic runs a two-tier health system. The state health insurance looks after people for their basic needs, and offers a high level of care; but some people also choose to opt for private cover.    more ...
Czech Republic

How Much Do Health Procedures Cost In The Czech Republic?

Public healthcare in the Czech Republic is free. However, some people opt to take out private cover, which affords them a wider range of choice in terms of which specialists they can see, and also adds an extra level of comfort; for example, by allowing them to have a room to themselves in hospital. There are also reports of private cover drastically reducing wait times.    more ...
Czech Republic

How To Register With The Czech Health System

The Czech Republic has ranked highly in a variety of studies about healthcare around the world, and usually comes first in Central Europe. It is an increasingly popular medical tourism destination, particularly for people from the USA and from Central and Eastern European nations.    more ...
Czech Republic

Using The Healthcare System In the Czech Republic - A Short Guide For Expats

The Czech Republic is known to have one of the best systems of healthcare in Central Europe. Employers are expected to provide nearly universal insurance coverage to employees who are Czech Republic citizens. The quality of healthcare is equivalent to general European standards, and hospitals and clinics are well-staffed with highly trained professionals.

In the Czech Republic, even dental care is included under healthcare coverage and it is ...    more ...

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