Diving Clubs In Panama: Where To Find The Best Scuba Spots

The Republic of Panama is a country in South America, bordered by the Caribbean Sea, the North Pacific Ocean, Colombia and Costa Rica. The main airport is Tocumen International, and there are plenty of planes arriving daily from all over the world. From there, you can either   more ...

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Places & Locations
A Guide To Small Beachfront Communities In Panama

Panama is located in the Central American region of North America. It is a long, thin stretch of terrain meeting Costa Rica to the west and Columbia t   more ...

An Expat Guide To Banking In Panama

A crucial meeting point between two oceans and two continents, Panama is located in Central America, between Costa Rica and Colombia. This small natio   more ...

An Expat Guide To The Panama Pensionado Visa

An increasing number of people are choosing to spend their retirement years abroad. However, there’s lots to think about before making the decision   more ...

A Guide To Panama's Best Golf Courses

Panama has been rapidly emerging as one of the top destinations for expats. Whether it’s retirees looking for a peaceful place to spend their golden   more ...

Panama - Located between between Costa Rica and Colombia, Panama is home to a variety of cultures. Baseball is the national sport for its inhabitants but outside of the city the jungle forms a tropical paradise for plants and animals.


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We are John and Susan Pazera, lately of Long Beach, Calif. and currently living the expat life in Boquete, Panama. John is reti   more ...

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