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Estonia > Financial


How To Open A Bank Account In Estonia

Wednesday June 24, 2020 (11:50:19)

Estonia may not have the biggest expat community, but in Tallinn and Tartu, it's starting to gain traction—especially with families, international students and young professionals.   more ...

Estonia > Living


How To Learn The Language In Estonia

Tuesday June 23, 2020 (11:55:07)

If you are going to be working or living in the Baltic state of Estonia, one of your priorities will be whether or not to learn the language. What is the official language of Estonia? Is English widely spoken in the country? We will answer some of your questions below.   more ...

Estonia > Property


How To Rent Or Buy Property In Estonia

Monday May 04, 2020 (19:05:49)

Renting property

There is no minimum term for a rental in Estonia, with some properties even advertised for daily rent. A lease may be for a fixed or unspecified term. Fixed-term leases can generally be renegotiated when the term has finished. You will probably have to give three months’ notice if you want to leave earlier. Both parties can agree to a shorter notice period, but not a longer one. Unspecified leases let you leave at any time, with an agreed notice period.   more ...

Estonia > Working


How To Find A Job In Estonia

Monday January 27, 2020 (18:50:06)

Estonia is growing in popularity as a working destination and if you are thinking of seeking employment in this little Baltic state, you might find a number of options are available to you. The ease with which you are able to work here will depend to some extent on whether you are already a member of an EU state, or whether you are a third party national.   more ...

Estonia > Health


Dental And Opthalmic Care In Estonia: How To Find The Right Options For You

Monday November 04, 2019 (13:40:46)

Estonia has provision for both dental treatment and eye care in the public heathcare sector and via private health insurance. Treatment in the country is described as modern and high-tech.   more ...

Estonia > Health


How Much Do Health Procedures Cost In Estonia?

Monday November 04, 2019 (13:29:19)

The cost of healthcare in Estonia depends on the kind of treatment that you need, and also the type of insurance that you have. If you have signed up with the national health insurance system, the Haigekassa (also known as the Estonian Health Insurance Fund/EHIF) [LINK HERE], then you will be covered for a range of care and treatment which will be free at the point of delivery.   more ...

Estonia > Health


How To Keep Your Insurance Costs Low In Estonia

Monday November 04, 2019 (13:20:25)

In order to keep your health insurance costs low in Estonia, you have two principal options: either signing up with the Estonian national health insurance scheme, the Haigekassa (also known as the Estonian Health Insurance Fund/EHIF), which is mandatory if you are working in the country, or by shopping around for the best private health insurance plan from a private provider for your own treatment needs.

State health insurance in Estonia

Everyone resident in Estonia can sign up for the Haigekassa/EHIF if they are paying national health contributions: these will normally be deducted from your salary if you are employed. You will then be eligible to access the public healthcare system. Pregnant women, children and pensioners are automatically covered by EHIF.   more ...

Estonia > Health


How To Look After Your Mental Health In Estonia

Monday November 04, 2019 (13:05:51)

Taking care of your mental health is challenging wherever you are, but living abroad can add an extra dimension to any existing problems. We’re going to take a look at how to best safeguard your mental health in Estonia.   more ...

Estonia > Health


How To Register With The Health System In Estonia

Monday November 04, 2019 (12:52:29)

If you are an expat and employed in Estonia, you will have to pay contributions into the state health insurance system: this is compulsory. This Baltic nation has a two-tier medical system, comprised of private health insurance providers and the national Estonian Health Insurance Fund (EHIF), also known as the Haigekassa.   more ...

Estonia > Health


Maternity Care In Estonia: What The Options Are And How To Decide On A Birth Plan

Monday November 04, 2019 (12:37:58)

If you are an expat in Estonia and expecting a baby, you can expect substantial support from the public healthcare system, the Haigekassa (also known as the Estonian Health Insurance Fund/EHIF), whether or not you are registered with it.   more ...

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