How To Apply For A Visa In Gibraltar

Gibraltar is a British territory and visas are issued by the British government. So, as a general rule, if you need a visa for Britain, then you will need one for Gibraltar. Visas do not guarantee the right to reside or to work; see ‘Work Permits’ and ‘Residency’ below.You can enter Gibraltar without a visa, … Read more

How To Relocate To Gibraltar From The UK

Gibraltar, a 300-year old British Overseas Territory, lies at the bottom of the Iberian Peninsula and is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. A short isthmus separates Gibraltar from mainland Spain and also serves as a land frontier to Spain, and the location of the Gibraltar airport, which has 2 ½ hour flights to and from … Read more

The Basics Of Immigration Laws In Gibraltar

Gibraltar is known for its political, economical and social stability. This self-governing British overseas territory is a small country with a population of around 30,000 people. Its mild climate and secure atmosphere make it an attractive destination for expats. Gibraltar is a major international financial hub among the European Union countries and serves as an … Read more

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