What Quality Of Healthcare Can You Expect In Israel?

Healthcare in Israel is of an extremely high quality, both in the public and the private sector. Although the number of medical personnel in the country is decreasing, due partly to retirement, Israel still has a large percentage of medics per capita. The average life expectancy in the country is high, and the infant mortality … Read more

What Options Are Available For Chronically Ill Expats In Israel?

Israel has a high quality healthcare system. If you suffer from a chronic illness there, you should find a good level of support for your particular condition. This article will take you through how the Israeli healthcare system works and its provision for chronic illnesses, as well as your options when it comes to private … Read more

How To Register With The Health System In Israel

Under the National Health Insurance Law of 1995, the Israeli government extends universal coverage to every Israeli citizen and operates a two-tier health insurance system based on both public and private health insurance.Signing up with one of the four national schemes is compulsory for all Israeli residents, but as a foreign worker, you will be … Read more

How To Keep Fit And Healthy In Israel

If you are living and working in Israel, you should have little difficulty in keeping fit and well during your stay in the country. Israel offers a wide range of sporting and fitness activities, and the wellness industry in the country is flourishing. We will look at some of your options below.Spa breaks, exercise boot … Read more

How Does Cancer Care In Israel Compare With The USA?

Both the States and Israel have very high quality medical care, and you will find the latest oncological treatments and technologies in both countries, particularly in the private sector. In the USA, high costs can cause problems, due to the nature of the health insurance system. Israel, on the other hand, has universal coverage under … Read more

Complementary Therapies In Israel And How To Access Them

There are many types of complementary therapy in Israel. As an expat, it is compulsory for you to be signed up to an Israeli health insurance fund, assuming that you are employed. Around 2/3 of complementary medicine is funded by the public sector and around 1/3 by the private sector.Below is a list of just … Read more

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